I’m still recovering from our trip to New York, both physically (CrossFit and walking) and emotionally (9/11 memorial and “Once”). I am grateful that we were able to leave the city before Sandy struck, and my heart goes out to folks who were or are in the storm’s path.

This is going to another post that’s all over the place.

As we were waiting in the airport for our flight home, I received a text from Michael Kelley, who had just attended a nutrition seminar.

MK: I just found out I’m fat. I have too much estrogen. And I’m a girl (based on my fat legs). U would have loved being here.
PP: I knew that already. That would explain ur boobs & mood swings. And high-pitched voice. And long eye lashes. I think u might be a lesbian.

I arrived at the box yesterday at 5:30am, and Michael Kelley had already parked his SUV in my spot. I didn’t see him when I entered the box, and as the bathroom door was closed I assumed he was dumping a load. I then began to freak out, as the music was blaring, and it was a song about love and Jesus and all of that shit. I thought, “Is Michael Kelley here alone and having a religious experience? Do I have to listen to this? Should I just go home and pretend I wasn’t even here?” I could stand the music no longer, so I called his name and walked to the iPod to change the playlist.

Michael Kelley came prancing (yes, prancing) through the door. He ran toward me, and gave me a big hug. I questioned him about the music, and he informed me that he had merely selected “A Cappella” as the Pandora playlist. Well, okay then.

I probably shouldn’t have even attended the 6am session yesterday.

We were to establish a new 1RM for snatch and clean & jerk. That just wasn’t going to happen, as my shoulders were incredibly sore. I snatched a mere 95#, albeit with shitty form, and only clean & jerked 135#. Everything felt heavy. Very, very heavy. We were then to complete 30 heavy KB swings. I didn’t have any interest in swinging a heavy kettle bell, so I didn’t. I instead completed 4 x 25 GHD sit-ups and called it a morning.

I didn’t even work up a good sweat. I dislike going more than a day without a heavy sweat, as it clears my pores and my mind.

Thus, I worked out yesterday evening. I created my own metcon.

1, 2, 3… 9, 10
Box jumps, 24”
Hang dumbbell cleans, 30#

Not a very challenging metcon, but I did at least begin to sweat. I completed in 9:09.

10 x 100m; 30 sec rest

Pace ranged from 1:43 to 1:47/500m, s/m from 36 to 41 and time from 20.7 to 21.5. Finally, I worked up a very good sweat!

The opposite of love isn’t hate: it’s indifference. I also think and feel that the opposite of like isn’t dislike: it’s also indifference. When I no longer like someone, I become indifferent toward them. It’s as if they don’t exist. I can see right through them.

I arrived at 5:30 this morning, and had the box to myself for about 10 minutes. I needed the extra time to stretch and roll, particularly my still somewhat sore shoulders.

There was yet again a full freaking house. Sleep in, people.

High Bar Back Squat – up to a heavy single
2 reps @ 80%
2 reps @ 85%
2 reps @ 95%

I warmed up, and then did singles @ 165, 185, 205, & 215#. I recorded and reviewed singles. Michael Kelley, in the future please say “Hips forward” instead of just “forward”. Be specific, for when you said, “forward” I had to stop and think about what you meant. Eyes? Feet? Shoulders? Knees? Junk? Michael Kelley did compliment me on my speed. He didn’t however, compliment me on my hand positioning, even though I pointed out that I was now gripping the bar in my clean instead of snatch position. That’s a significant improvement, Michael Kelley, and you should shout it from the highest mountaintop.

I don’t like to be cheered for, and when I was told, “You got it!” I immediately said, “Don’t do that!” – even before finishing the lift. Please ignore me when I work out. Except you, Michael Kelley. At the very least, don’t ever cheer for me, as I find it very, very distracting. I take this shit seriously.

Doubles felt easy, and I completed @ 175, 185, and 195#.

Upper Accessory
4 Pull-Ups On The Minute x 8 Minutes (strict)

I did strict chest to bar pull-ups for the first 5 and strict chest to rings pull-ups for the last 3 minutes. Michael Kelley asked, “Why didn’t you challenge yourself?” Uhm, I’ve done enough freaking pull-ups in the very recent past, and I knew I’d be hanging from the bar in just a few moments. I take this shit seriously.

10 Toes-2-Bar
30 Double Unders

I had little interest in doing this metcon, but as I knew it was important to my BFF that I do so, I acquiesced. (You should already know the meaning of that word, Michael Kelley. Text me if you don’t.)

My A goal was to complete T2B and dus unbroken, my B goal was to complete all rounds of T2B unbroken, and my C goal was to crush everyone.

Just before we were to start, Michael Kelley asked for a show of hands of folks who were good at dus. I raised my hand, as did a few others (and 1 person who should not have raised his hand). We were instructed to start with dus.

I completed 2 rounds of dus unbroken, including the first round, and completed as many as 28 unbroken as well. I found dus to be somewhat challenging for no other reason than constantly having to worry about hitting someone with my rope. At one point I thought Michael Kelley was mocking me, as he was imitating my jumping with his arms spread wide. How wide? As wide as his ass, that’s how wide.

I completed 5 rounds of T2B unbroken, the 6th round in 8 unbroken and 2 singles, and the last 2 rounds in reps of 7 unbroken and 3 singles.

I completed 8 rounds + 11 dus. I take this shit seriously.

I attended yoga this evening, and once again very much enjoyed the session. I’m more flexible than I’ve ever been, but I have a looooong way to go.

The woman directly behind me was annoying and disrespectful. She placed her iPhone on her block, and constantly checked her messages and/or sent texts. So, while I was in downdog I could see her sitting on her ass texting. When I was in triangle pose with my head turned to the back of the room I could see her glancing at her phone, then picking it up to read messages. Uhm, she needed the exercise. Just saying.

I’m having yet another phase of having no motivation. For example, we are doing “Diane” tomorrow, and I have little to no desire to participate. I may very well not do the benchmark WOD, for no other reason than I really don’t see any purpose in doing so. Michael Kelley’s not going to like what I’m about to say next: I think I need a break from coaching at CFZ as well. Take this shit seriously.

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