Last night we saw “The Book of Mormon”, and it was spectacular! I dreamed about the musical all night long — but it wasn’t a spooky Mormon hell dream. This afternoon Jeff & I saw “Once”. I purchased tickets for row BB thinking it was the 28th row when in fact it was the front row. We were practically on stage. “Once” was also an incredible show. Tonight we saw “Evita” starring Ricky Martin. Yet another great show!

I know, I know: enough about Broadway.

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting CrossFit Virtuosity located in Brooklyn and by invitation of Deirdre, a former CFDer. Thanks, D!
Virtuosity is an awesome box, and I’m very glad we visited. We arrived almost an hour early and were immediately greeted by Blanco, who later coached the 10am session we attended. As I was still sore from Thursday’s WOD, I needed the extra time for mobility.

In addition to Blanco, there were two coaching assistants. As there were but a dozen athletes at the 10am session, there were more than enough coaches!

Blanco did a great job of structuring the warmup to fit the WOD. The warmup consisted of broad jumps, running, front squats, and presses. Blanco and the assistants then reviewed the requirements for the WOD. We were also encouraged to go heavy for thrusters. As I had only planned on going as heavy as 95#, I needed the motivation.
Blanco gathered the group around the whiteboard and then wisely made this a partner WOD. I of course partnered with Jeff.

As prescribed…
Hero WOD “Bill”
25-min AMRAP
7 muscle ups
11 155# thrusters
14 toes to bar

Partner Hero WOD “Bill”
25-min AMRAP
8 muscle ups
12 thrusters – heavy
14 toes to bar

Blanco asked who among us was able to compete unassisted muscle ups, and when I raised my hand he seemed somewhat surprised. I demonstrated that I could do a muscle up, and I was good to go.

Jeff & I settled on 115# for thrusters. We were then allowed to compete activities how we saw fit, as long as both partners did about half of the reps.

For all rounds, I began with 4 and then assisted Jeff with 4 muscle ups. My goal was to complete all 4 unbroken, but during the last round my hand slipped (due to my own sweat) and I lost my false grip on the 4th muscle up. Damn it.

For the most part, Jeff & I alternated thrusters. There were a few times when I did 2 or 3 in a row to give Jeff a break. 115 didn’t feel too heavy the first 3 or 4 rounds, but then it began to feel very heavy. I missed 2 consecutive thrusters the 6th round. Damn it.

Another goal was to complete 7 toes to bar unbroken, and I was able to do so, and very quickly.

It was great partnering with Jeff, as we communicated very well with each other throughout. The 25 minutes passed very quickly.

We completed 6 rounds + 8 muscle ups & 8 thrusters. Thus, I did 28 muscle ups, about 50 thrusters, and 42 toes to bar.

Oh, I almost forgot: Deirdre looks fit and strong!

After the WOD, Blanco once again had the group gather around the whiteboard and asked us the number of rounds we completed, if we had chosen a challenging weight for thrusters, how assisted muscle ups went, etc.

I then took the opportunity to say, “I’ve visited many CrossFits, and I want to let you all know how excellent the coaching is here at Virtuosity!” We all gave Blanco and the coaches a thunderous round of well-deserved applause.

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