Michael Kelley’s Day Off

What an exhausting and satisfying first day of vacation! Yes, vacation. As a favor for my BFF, I took a vacation to from my full-time job and coached all but one session at CFZ, and I did it pro bono. This allowed Michael Kelley to have the whole day free to do whatever he pleased. He graced me with his presence for lunch. Lucky me. I paid. Lucky him.

I coached the 6, 7:15, 8:30 & 9:30am sessions as well as the 5:15 & 6:30pm session.

I participated in the warm up for all six sessions, and I needed it. Last night’s power yoga session left me feeling sore, particularly in my shoulders, but in a very good way.

I had a bagel at 5:30, and then didn’t eat until lunchtime. I should know better than to exercise on a somewhat empty stomach.

I attempted push-jerks, but only managed to lift 125#. That’s my press 1RM! The outside of my shoulders ached, and I probably shouldn’t have even attempted.

I was, however, in the mood for a metcon.

10-min AMRAP
200m run carrying 20# medicine ball
9 bodyweight dead-lifts

My only goal was to have an even split. I completed all rounds of dead-lifts very fast and unbroken. I carried medicine ball on right shoulder for first and on left for second halves of runs. I was one dead-lift shy of completing 3 rounds at the 5-min mark; thus, my goal was to complete 6 rounds. I pushed myself to ensure that I did, and completed 6 rounds with 10 seconds to spare. Uhm, I didn’t even bother to run during the last 10 seconds.

I arrived at CFZ again at 4pm, as I wanted to at least practice push jerks. My shoulders were feeling better, so I focused on higher reps at lower weights. I focused on form. Yup, form. I recorded all sets, and worked up to my bodyweight.

I then recorded crow pose to headstand to crow pose, with LUX as my witness. I’m glad that I did, as on the first attempt I didn’t attain a vertical headstand. On the second attempt I most certainly did. I made sure I began and finished with crossed ankles, and that I held the poses for a few seconds. The most difficult part was raising my head after going from headstand to crow pose.

Okay, now some shout outs (in no particular order).

I most enjoyed coaching the 8:30 session, as Maggi, Terri, Danielle, and Maureen are a delight to coach. They are all incredibly strong as well, and all four of them don’t give themselves enough credit. Yes, Maggi, that includes you. Paul A was there as well, but he was doing his own thing, although I’m not quite sure what that was. I think I’m forgetting someone, too. Damn my memory! (Note: Danielle reminded me that she attended the session. My apologies, Danielle!)

Tim G. is one strong man, and his form is near perfect. I still like Lauren better.

The Coopers are a strong lot. I am, as always, most proud of the youngest Cooper. He used a 52# kettle bell for the WOD – the first time he had done so. Impressive.

I am most proud of Leah, for she completed the WOD Rx+, using a 52# kettle bell and doing all pull-ups unassisted. She also ensured that each rep counted. The time cut-off was 10 minutes, and she completed the metcon in exactly that time.

I always enjoy coaching Margie if for no other reason than to see her smile.

I now like Ashwynn more than I like her husband, Burt. That didn’t take long.

One last thing to note: I can dislike someone and still be an effective coach. I learned this during my years of teaching college, as there were quite a few students I truly disliked, yet who had no idea that I did so. Now that I think about it, I probably learned how to smile and not mean it during the Summer I worked at Walt Disney World.

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