“You’re gay.” ~ Michael Kelley

Today was nothin’ but skill-building, ladies and gentlemen. As my entire upper body is somewhat sore, this morning I focused on lower body activities.

Full Squat Box Jumps
Sets of 10 reps @ 24”, 30”, 31”, 32”, 34.5”, & 36”

What’s up with my left foot, yo? Similar to my propensity to move my left foot back when dipping for a jerk, I move my left foot back and then forth prior to jumping when completing unbroken box jumps. I’ve been doing box jumps for 3 years and it took recording and reviewing to notice.

Double Unders practice

What’s up with my left arm, yo? As noted in the past, my right wrist moves twice while my left hand merely holds the rope. The rope is also farther away from the right side of my body than it has ever been.

Farmer’s Walk

I used 2, 35# plates and green bands and walked 400m. I stopped at the 300m mark to reposition my hands, and stopped with about 15m remaining to run, uninvited, with Lauren. I discovered that Lauren had run 800m in 4 minutes, and that’s not fast enough. Thus, I acted as her bunny for this and her last 800m run. She clocked 3:50 and 3:52. Much better, Lauren! I did attempt to silently approach and pass at the 100m mark during her last run, but she informed me that she could smell my approach. Ha! Not that smell, people. Lauren informed me that she could smell the laundry detergent we use. Tide with Febreze.

Toes Through Rings
3 rounds of maximum reps

Fortunately, my shoulders felt fine. Unfortunately, my awesome abs really began to hurt, but in a good way. Like when Michael Kelley slaps my ass. I completed 35, 25, & 20 reps for a total of 80.

Two friends from work, Amal and Samir, attended open gym this evening. As they were running late, I took the opportunity to practice headstands and handstand pushups prior to their arrival. I also did a few muscle-ups as a means of demonstrating form for Dylan.

I discovered that Michael Kelley did not do a good job of teaching me how to do kipping handstand pushups. I completed a few and reviewed recording. I mistakenly kipped my feet to the wall before pressing my arms. In Michael Kelley’s defense, he did provide much better coaching today. Thank you, Michael Kelley.


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