“Why do you have to be so mean to Thomas all of the time?”

Burt has asked me that question more than once, and my response is always the same: Because he’s not Michael Kelley. More later.

While I rested yesterday, I perhaps needed to rest today as well, for this morning I felt weak. As the morning progressed I felt even weaker, and then the weakest I’ve felt in quite some time. I can’t recall a time when my lats have been this sore. Damn you, “Nicole”. (Not you, Nicole C-O-X.) I knew with certainty that I wasn’t going to get a HBBS or clean PR.

ME Lower
Establish High Bar Back Squat 1RM

I made it to 225 and then failed at 240. Enough said. On a positive note, I am now able to position my hands in clean — and not snatch — grip for back squats. My flexibility has improved dramatically.

12 min to work up to a heavy clean single (full squat)

I cleaned 150, 10# less than 1RM and 5# less than power clean. I wanted to go heavier but ran out of time. Enough said.

I used Coach’s Eye app to record squats and cleans. I highly recommend you do the same. You know you want to.

5 Rounds
20 Barbell Jumping Squats, 45# bar
15 Kettle Bell Swings, 52# KB
10 Burpees

I can’t recall a time when we’ve done jumping squats with the bar, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. As part of the warm up, Michael Kelley had us do jumping squats using a PVC pipe, but this did not at all compare to doing with a 45# barbell on your back. Just saying. The barbell jumping squats were by far the most difficult part of the metcon.

My goal was to complete all rounds of KB swings and burpees unbroken.

Ready? Here goes.

I completed the first round of BBJS (that acronym could stand for a variety of things) unbroken, and after having done so I knew I wouldn’t be able to do so again. I completed the second round in reps of 10, and the remaining rounds in reps of 10, 6, & 4.

I completed all rounds of KB swings and burpees unbroken. However, I was very tempted to break up the KB swings during the fourth round, but told myself if I did I wouldn’t come even close to achieving my goal of unbroken swings. Damn SMART goals. During the last round I told myself I could stop at 10, but when I reached that number I kept going. Thus, I completed all rounds unbroken.

Uhm, I completed all rounds of burpees unbroken. If I’m ever unable to do so, please do me a favor and shoot me. I mean it. Pretend I just got infected my a zombie and you promised that you’d do the deed. I mean it.

I was gasping for air and nosily grunting throughout the metcon.

I completed in 10:26. As my first round took 2:05 seconds, I’m pleased that it appears that I did rounds in even splits. Except for that last second.

Traffic this evening was a nightmare, as fool people don’t know how to drive in the rain. It took me about an hour to get to CFZ when it normally takes me a half hour. I had planned on doing another metcon, but settled on doing skill work instead.

I completed 9-15-21 kipping ring dips, ensuring my delts went below my elbows. I next completed 10 x 10 ball slams using 30# slam ball.

I recorded Kristin and Michael Kelley running, and provided feedback. Kristin, land on your forefoot, not your heel. Michael Kelley, lean forward, not backward.

I was then not mean to Thomas. You read the correctly, Burt. Thomas requested coaching for his HBBS and I provided just that. Not being mean to Thomas is the same as being nice to him. I did it for you, Burt. All for you. I mean it.


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