“Grace” & “Grace”

Ah, Grace. It should be of no surprise to anyone who knows me well that this isn’t one of my favorite benchmark WODs. I guess I shouldn’t be so quick to judge, as I’ve only actually done this WOD once, and that was 2 years ago at CFD. I remember Dave being my judge, and my form being shitty at best. Dave actually laughed at me. Not with me, but at me. (Don’t deny it, Dave, as I remember it well.) I can’t recall how much weight I attempted to clean and jerk, but I know for a fact this it was less than today and likely took more time than it took me today as well.

I coached the 8am session, and had a delightful time doing so. I also assisted with the 9:15 and 10:30 sessions. As Michael Kelley is my BFF, I won’t share the reasons why. Suffice it to say that folks needed some extra attention today, and I was happy to provide. This included coaching during pull-ups for both sessions and warmup and “Grace” for 10:30 session.

Okay, back to me.

Dynamic Effort
Push Press
2×3 @ 50%
2×3 @ 55%
3×3 @ 65%

It should also come as no surprise that I placed a mat just outside of the garage door and worked out solo. I did sets @ 75, 95, and 115#, and lifts felt reasonably good with the exception of slight pain in left shoulder. It was when I felt that pain that I decided that I would not C & J 135# today.

30 Clean & Jerks, 135/95

I set up my bar just inside the garage door so that I would be lifting on a flat surface. I C&J 110# the first time I did the WOD, and completed in 3:11. As things went much more smoothly than I imagined they would, I decided to do the WOD again. Yup, I did it again, with a mere 3 or so minutes rest before doing so. I had hardly caught my breath!

I increased the weight 50 115#, and completed in 4:54. Yes, this was almost 2 minutes slower than the first time, but in my defense I had just completed 30 clean & jerks, so leave me the hell alone.

I kept a steady pace both times, and I’m proud of that – and for not lifting heavy and potentially hurting my arm and/or nose. And for not using quite so shitty form.

I am going to attempt “Grace” at 135# very soon. This will include full squats and split jerks, neither of which I did today.

Accessory Work
Strict Pull-Ups, 30-50 reps

I completed 9 strict, dead-hang pull-ups, followed by 5 (left hand under), 5 (right hand under), 4 (wide grip), 4 (narrow grip), and 4 (chin-ups). I obviously didn’t do any round to failure or miss any reps.

Heavy Core

I held a plank with a 45# plate on my back for 1 minute, 75# for 1 minute, and 95# for 45 seconds. I then did 5 x 10 GHS sit-ups.

The Community WOD was “13 minutes of burpee hell”. Matthew attended! And Jeff, Nicole C-O-X, Johanna, Nathanael, Nicole H. – and Michael Kelley! Whaaaaaaat? Matthew, Jeff, and Michael Kelley all doing the same WOD? What did I do to deserve this?

I’m about to vent.

I coach the Community WOD most Saturdays. Quite a few Zealots hang out and wait for their friends to complete the WOD, the group to get together for lunch, and/or have nothing better to do. I’m fine with that. Just keep the damn volume down! On three separate occasions I had to yell at you all to keep it down, and on not one of those occasions did you lower the volume. I could hardly hear myself, and I know it was difficult for the attendees to hear me. And I’m anything but quiet. Why not go to the lobby and talk? Why not go outside and talk? At the very least, why not lower the f@cking volume?

I’m done venting.

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