I very much like the Sleep Cycle app for the iPhone. Granted, I have little problem waking up at 4:30, but I nonetheless like the gentle way the app awakens me. I selected Satie’s Gymnopedie # 1 as today’s musical selection, and I’ve hummed the tune all day. That and every song from last night’s “Glee” tearjerker, particularly “Give Your Heart a Break” and “The Scientist”.

While I didn’t feel the least bit tired, I did feel somewhat sore in my lats and abs. Completing 100 pull-ups and 400 sit-ups just 12 hours before WODding will do that to a person. Even me.

I coached the 6am session, and there were once again quite a few athletes in attendance. Neither Claire nor Michelle attended, and this made me somewhat sad.

I led the group through a warmup consisting of running 400m, stretching, and pushups focusing on stretching the wrists. As is typical, athletes got upside down and vertical for one minute.

I attended the 7:15am session along with Jeff and two others. Michael Kelley wore black today from head to toe, and looked quite stunning. I was caught off guard, as black is usually not a slimming color on him. Perhaps his Justin Bieber haircut distracts from his girth. Yeah, that must be it. Or maybe it’s that his beard makes his face look fat, thereby making his midsection appear less fat. Yeah, that might be it as well.

Dynamic Effort
Front Squat
12×2, 65% 1RM, 45 sec rest between sets

I had a rack to myself, just the way I like it. I did 6 reps @ 135 and the remaining 6 @ 145, i.e., 65% of current and true 1RM, respectively. Yes, respectively.

Lifts felt solid, and Michael Kelley said my speed was good. He reminded me to lead with my elbows so that I don’t “break”. I like when he slaps my ass and pays attention to me.

Clean Dead-lift
8×1, 70% of 1RM Clean + Band, rest 30 seconds between sets

I put 105 on the bar, 10# more than 70% of 1RM of 160#, and used a green band. Lifts felt very, very light.

7 Kettle Bell Squat Cleans
14 Toes-2-Bar
21 Double Unders

As I know what’s in store tomorrow (hint: my oldest sister, “Grace”), I took it easy today. I set no goals. And it was liberating.

I used a 44# KB for squat cleans, and completed all rounds unbroken. Toes to bar were a bit more of a challenge due to sore abs. I completed 1st round unbroken, 2nd round in reps of 8 unbroken and then singles, and all remaining rounds in singles. I used my old Rx jump rope, and did much, much better. I completed all but the 2nd round unbroken, and completed that round in reps of 7 & 14.

I completed 4 rounds + 7 squats cleans and 12 toes to bar.

Should I clean & jerk 135# tomorrow as prescribed? That’d be 84% of 1RM and 94% of bodyweight. Your opinion counts. (Not yours, Thomas.)

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