She’s my – wait, bitch! | Kate and The Coach

My heart is heavy. I miss Xander very, very much.

Fortunately, coaching the 6amers at CFZ provided a welcome distraction. There were 15 in attendance, including the one and only Michelle – who was sporting a new ‘do!

For a change of pace, I led the group through a warm up consisting wall stretches and Tabata squats with a surprise.

While coaching high bar back squat, it appeared to me as if Michelle were working alone, and I asked her if that was indeed the case. She replied, “I’m working with Danielle. She’s my weight bitch.” Just then Danielle arrived carrying plates.

Carefully read the title of this blog.

Speaking of Danielle, I was very pleased with her performance during the metcon, as I challenged her to clean into a squat instead of completing a power clean and then squatting – and she did! I was the least pleased with a certain someone for spending far too much time looking at the bar, wall ball, shoe laces, fingernails, etc., as well as far too much time engaged in negative self-talk. It’s not an issue of endurance; it’s an issue of will and determination.

While I don’t enjoy attending a crowded session, I do enjoy coaching a large group of people, as it’s a true test of control and time management, both of which I have in spades. Yes? Yes.

Coaching 6am CFZers

As I’m taking a half day off from work, I attended the 7:15 session led by my BFF and attended by just Jeff, Travis, and yours truly. Uhm, we each had our own rack. Hell, we could have each had two or three racks each.

My BFF helped lighten my heart. He surprised me by giving me gifts — a plethora of low-fat, organic chocolate milk and a bag of dried blueberries! He’s very thoughtful. And quite handsome, strong, and somewhat smart.

Gift from my BFF

Burt also helped lighten my heart by giving me a big, sweaty hug. It’s no wonder why he’s one of my favorites. True story.

Dynamic Effort Lower
Low Bar Back Squat, 8×2 @ 75%, rest no more than 60 seconds
I squatted 165#. The weight is starting to feel heavy. Given that it’s 114% of my bodyweight, I suppose it should. Yes? Yes.

Deficit Deadlift, 8×1 @ 50% + Band, rest 30 seconds
I used a 4”+ deficit (I was wearing my weightlifting shoes) and lifted 165# with green band.

Now comes the fun part.

5 Rounds
10 Cleans, 80# (50% of 1RM)
10 Wall Ball, 20# & 10’ target

I continued to wear my weightlifting shoes. I set up my bar with my back to the clock and with Jeff to my right and Travis to my left.

Athletes, mathlete, and Thomas, humor me if you will. I encourage each and every one of you to set SMART goals before every workout, particularly before the metcon. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound or Trackable. Your goal should never be to “just finish”. For example, my goal today was to complete all rounds of wall ball shots unbroken, to complete first round of cleans without releasing the bar, and to complete remaining rounds of cleans with no more than a 2-second pause between reps, i.e., enough time to reposition and re-grasp the bar. Goals did not include breaking parallel, as I do this consistently – and it’s only a squat clean if you do so. My goal was not to squat below parallel and hit the 10’ target for wall ball shots, as that’s what’s required. See where I’m going with this? A goal was to complete the metcon in less than 10 minutes, as there was a 15-minute time cap.

Specific? Yes. Measurable? Yes. Attainable? Yes. If I had cleaned 135 instead of 80# the goal would likely have not been attainable to reach within 10 minutes. Realistic? For me, of course! Time-bound? Most definitely.

Start making SMART goals. Don’t be, well, not smart.

I surpassed my goals in that not only did I complete the first round of cleans without releasing the bar but I also completed the first 5 reps of the 2nd round without releasing the bar. I then heard Michael Kelley encourage us to drop the bar when we finished the clean. As he’s the Head Coach and all, I followed his direction.

Wall ball shots were a welcome relief from cleans, and I didn’t have a single air ball and/or miss of the target. Yes, rounds of wall ball shots were done unbroken.

I completed the metcon in 8:52; thus I had 1:08 to spare. I was a sweaty, heaving mess, and most definitely exerted much effort. Jeff finished shortly after I did. Nice work, Jeffy!

As I was leaving, I commented that it odd that my power clean and push press 1RMs or 155 are the same. Michael Kelley asked, “You can push press 150 pounds?” Uhm, yes. Pay attention, please.

I was a guest coach at CrossFit Invoke this evening, leading the 5:30 and 6:30pm sessions. So that I could get a lay of the land, I attended the 4:30pm session led by my exceedingly tall and good friend, Mitch. CrossFit Invoke has moved to a new location on South Saunders Street, and the box is huge! What a dramatic change!


While I generally don’t like partner WODs, I did enjoy participating and then coaching the WOD this evening — if for no other reason than it included partner carries, bear crawls, rowing, and running. I also had the pleasure of partnering with Katherine. As she is 135 and I am 145 pounds, we were comparable. She certainly had no difficulty carrying me on her shoulder!

In Teams of 2 complete 8 rounds:
Partner A bear crawls to the end of the box and back while Partner B rows 200m
Both partners run 200m together
Partner A carries Partner B to the end of the box and back
Partners switch bear crawling, rowing, and carrying, but always run together

Katherine and I completed in 24:24. She wrote Kat and The Coach 24:24 on the whiteboard. Ha!

I was once again a sweaty mess, so I quickly changed shirts and got ready to coach. I led both sessions through warm up and mobility. I then ran with athletes for 400m and gave direction on pose running, rowed 200m+ and gave direction on rowing, demonstrated bear crawls, and finished with demonstrating partner carry. In both sessions I carried a 200# male. Effortlessly, I might add.

Both sessions had exactly 10 attendees, and as Invoke has 5 rowers this worked perfectly!

Thank you, Mitch, for inviting me to coach, and thank you, athletes, for making me feel so welcome! I’d be more than happy to coach at Invoke again! (It was great seeing you in particular, Jillian!)

CFI Whiteboard

2 thoughts on “She’s my – wait, bitch! | Kate and The Coach

  1. The sense-memory of late spring (burgeoning heat, new mosquito bites, scent of honeysuckle, end-of-grade test instructions, etc.) kills me. I don’t know how many May 30ths it’ll take until I stop being sad about Boone’s death, but I’ll tell you this: it wasn’t three May 30ths. Xander was loved; Xander will be missed. For a long time.

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