You dropped the ball, but then recovered it.

Yup, I’m still in a funk. It was difficult getting my ass out of bed this morning. I knew I had to do so as Thursday, after all, is Back Lever Club Day!

I was the only member of The Club who attended. I arrived at 5:45 and the only other person who made an appearance was Michael Kelley, and he was only there to work on mobility. We exchanged pleasantries, and then I was off to work out on my own.

Good Morning Squat
Determine 1RM

While I enjoy squatting, I’m not the biggest fan of good mornings. I worked up to 135# and called it a day.

As I needed to leave before 7, I started the metcon at 6:30. It’s an original.

20-min 1, 2, 3…
Box jump, 24”
Abmat sit-up holding 20# medicine ball
Toes through rings

One box jump, one sit-up, one toes through ring, two box jumps, two sit-ups, two toes through rings, etc. My goal was to complete 15 rounds. I aspired to do all rounds unbroken, and once again came this close to doing so.

I expected toes through rings to be the most challenging activity, but I didn’t expect weighted sit-ups to be so difficult. I kept telling myself that if I made it through the round of 10 toes through rings unbroken that I could break up remaining sets. I managed to complete all rounds of toes through rings and sit-ups unbroken.

I was beginning the round of 10 toes through rings at the 10-minute mark. I knew I’d have to push myself to make it through round 15, so that’s what I did. And that’s why I missed the 6th box jump during the round of 15. Damn it. I did, however, complete the round of 15 and managed to complete 16 box jumps and 3 sit-ups.

That’s a total of 136 box jumps, 123 sit-ups, and 120 toes through rings. No wonder I was a sweaty mess! I also had a negative split, i.e., I completed more reps the last than the first half of the metcon.

Michael Kelley commented that he knew it was a tough metcon as he could hear me both grunting and swearing.

I really needed a hug from my BFF. Alas, I received not a one. I texted him and let him know of my disappointment.

I invited Mengran and Hajar to visit CrossFit this evening, and Jeff, Margaret, and Nicole C-O-X joined in on the fun!

Michael Kelley redeemed himself, and gave me a HUGE hug, lifting me off of my feet. Nicole also gave me a long, warm hug. I nearly cried when receiving both hugs.

The group completed a 15-minute AMRAP of 5 deck squats, 5 air squats, 5 kettle bell swings, and 5 wall ball shots. It looked grueling. Hee! Jeff completed 10 rounds.

Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of Xander’s death. It’s going to be a very rough day. You have all been warned.

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