“You’re not your usual, jovial self today, Paul.”

I stop by Bruegger’s most mornings on my way home to shower after working out. The owner knows me by name, and today he commented, “You’re not your usual, jovial self today, Paul.”

I was awake well before my 4:30am alarm sounded. Why, you ask? As the weather grows cooler, the cats grow closer. I emanate heat, and both Meg and Zac are drawn to me. I sleep on my side, and Meg sleeps in the space behind my bent knees while Zac sleeps by my chest cradled in my arm. As I don’t like to disturb them, I hardly move the entire night. I need to learn to flail in my sleep.

Even though I was wide awake, I seriously considered not attending the 6am session and instead attending the 5:15 or even 6:30pm session.

Yup, I was in a mood this morning, and it was immediately obvious to all who aren’t clueless. As I’ve mentioned before, my “normal” behavior is communicative and enthusiastic. When I’m quiet and subdued, people quickly notice. And then they won’t leave me the hell alone. “What’s wrong?” “Are you okay?” “Is anything bothering you?” Having to address these questions makes me that less communicative and/or enthusiastic. I think to myself, “I’m acting the same way that most of you do just about every day. Why is it okay for you to act this way, but it’s not okay for me to do so? Leave me the hell alone.” I am also not always careful about how I respond to people. One person said, “You’re quiet today.” I replied, “I’m allowed to be.” She then became apologetic for being intrusive.

Michael Kelley knows me well, and he quickly discerned that I was, well, in a mood. He said to me as I was leaving this morning, “I know to leave you alone when you’re like this.” You’re smarter than most people give you credit for. And you’re quite handsome with your new haircut. I think that for Halloween you should indeed dress as Hugh Jackman – buy as Peter Allen from “The Boy From Oz” instead of Wolverine from “X-Men”. Okay? Okay.

So, anywho, I arrived at 5:30. I selected a playlist from Songza, and began to warm up and stretch, focusing on shoulders and lats.

At 6:01, Michael Kelley said, “Okay, everyone, grab a foam roller.” He then made direct eye contact with me, and I knew exactly what he was thinking: “Paul is going to hate this warm up.” Again, you’re smarter than most people give you credit for. While I did participate in the foam rolling activity focusing on the lats, my back was to Michael Kelley and the 6amers the entire time. This was intentional. Did I mention that I was in a mood? I haven’t yet mentioned how many f@cking people there were at the 6am session.

It’s my blog, so I get to say whatever the hell I want.

Mitch, if you don’t let me know what Friday’s WOD is I’m going to punch you in the throat.

Maximum Effort Upper
Close Grip Bench Press 1RM

Uhm, I wasn’t in the mood to share, and Michael Kelley made sure to loudly announce this fact. I elected to not do bench press with the group. A clueless person asked, “Will you be joining us?” “No,” I tersely replied. I instead worked on weighted pull-ups.

Pull-Up, 5×3 @ 60% of last week
Uhm, I mistakenly thought it was 3 x 5, so that’s what I did. I completed 5 reps @ 35 & 40#, and 4 reps @ 55#. I failed on the last attempt. And. I. Did. Not. Care. I used my own weight vest. No, you may not borrow it.

As I had already completed pull-ups when most folks were just beginning, I completed 3 x 11 strict toes to bar. Why eleven? Because life doesn’t always happen in reps of ten.

20 Hand Release Push-Ups
20 Kettlebell Swings

I used a 52# KB. We have 2 new 52# KBs. Michael Kelley would be upset if I didn’t mention this. There, I mentioned it. My goal was to complete 5 rounds, i.e., 100 reps of KB swings and HRPUs, yet I knew it was going to be difficult to complete that many HRPUs. I completed the first and last rounds of KBs swings unbroken, and the remaining rounds in reps of 15 & 5. I completed the first round of HRPUs unbroken, the second round in reps of 10, 5, & 5, and the remaining rounds in as many as 10 and as few as 2 reps. It was truly down to the wire and I had to really work hard to complete 5 rounds within 8 minutes, but that’s exactly what I did and without a second to spare. I heard Michael Kelley telling the class that he expected some folks would get 6 rounds. Well, okay then.

Maximum Effort Upper
Close Grip Bench Press 1RM

Ah, I finally had the box almost to myself. I set up my own bench and my own bar, and patiently waited for Jeff to arrive so that he could spot me. Michael Kelley offered to do so, but he was “busy” and I didn’t want to disturb him. He said, “I love you, Paul.” “I know,” I replied. I love you, too, Michael Kelley. Happy now? I completed warm up sets of 3 reps @ 75, 95, and 115, and then a successful single rep @ 135#. I attempted 155# – quite a leap in weight – and failed. As I didn’t have a spotter, I merely dumped the plates. I obviously didn’t place clips on the ends of the bar.

Jeff spotted me and I successfully pressed 145#. He needed to stretch, so I didn’t bother him again. I did, however, politely request Michael Kelley’s assistance, and he kindly obliged. I then successfully pressed single reps at 150 and 155#. I failed 1 attempt and then completed 1 rep @ 160#, my current 1RM for neutral grip bench press. I chose not to attempt 165#.

There were but three people attending the 7:15 session. Just three.

I bought two new pair of Lululemon Response shorts, and that helped improve my mood. Somewhat.

I arrived at CFZ at 5:45; thus I only had 45 minutes to work out before picking up Luke from Doggie Village. I was still in somewhat of a mood, and people once again quickly noticed.

I quickly retrieved my weight vest and sled and escaped. I wore 35# on the vest and pulled 90# on the sled. I completed 7, 60m sprints with the strap held between my legs and a 1-minute rest between rounds.

I next completed 10 x 3 weighted pull-ups, wearing 25#, with 10 second rest between rounds. I also sang “Moves Like Jagger”. The musical selection in the evening is pure shit.

Last on my list was 5 x 10 deck squats. I only counted successful decks squats, so about 6 or 7 didn’t count.

It’s almost 7:30 pm and I’m still in a somewhat foul mood. I need one or more of the following: a hug, a kiss, massive quantities of food, a nap, an “I love you”, an episode of Project Runway.

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