Another Sunday and fun day at CFD! The only thing that would have made my day more wonderful would have been seeing Ms. Amy. Sigh.

I completed grip hook dead-lifts yesterday as Dave (owner of and Head Coach at CFD) had programmed just that for today. It appears that somewhere along the way he changed his mind, and I didn’t discover that dead-lifts were to be of the sumo variety until I saw the posting yesterday evening.

So that I may better coach lifts, I usually like to perform the workout at 9 before the first class begins at 10. Thus, I completed sumo dead-lifts today. I love dead-lifts, so I certainly didn’t mind doing two back-to-back days of said dead-lifts.

There were 12 at 5 athletes in the 10am and 11am classes, respectively, including Christine and Nadia from Lululemon! I’m getting to know more of the regulars, and continue to enjoy coaching at CFD. So that I might time everything, I did the same 10-minute warmup (including yoga) as the CFDers. And it was good.

Sumo dead-lift
Establish 1RM

Just like with hook grip dead-lifts, I couldn’t remember the last time I did a sumo dead-lift, and/or what my 1RM was. Given that until very recently my dead-lift 1RM was 315#, I set this weight as a goal – as I know I never sumo dead-lifted as much as I dead-lifted. Make sense? Good. Going on…

I completed 3 reps @ 135, 185, & 215, and single reps @ 250, 285, 305, & 315#. PR achieved! As the lift felt solid, I decided to go heavier, and originally planned on lifting 320#. I thought, “As you’ve already achieved a PR, why not go heavy?” Yes, I talk to myself in the third person.

I attempted a 325# sumo dead-lift and, for all intents and purposes, failed. Here’s what happened. I got the bar off of the floor, up my shins, and above my knees. As I was locking my knees and pushing my shoulders back, I lost my balance, took a few small steps, and dropped the bar – as I fell on my ass! It was quite a sight to behold, and I laughed out loud at myself. I briefly considered lowering the weight to 320#, but as I had just about completed the lift I thought this was a copout.

I attempted the lift once again, and while it was a struggle, i.e., my legs quivered and I was seeing stars, I successfully completed the lift. My second PR of the day, bitches.


6 rounds of 6 burpees/6 pull-ups
Run 400m
5 rounds of 5 burpees/5 pull-ups
Run 400m
4 rounds of 4 burpees/4 pull-ups
Run 400m

I briefly considered substituting wall ball shots for pull-ups, as I’ve done so many f@cking pull-ups in the past couple of days.

To keep track of rounds, I stacked 6, 1# plates. As I completed the round of 6 I made a new stack of 5 plates, and as I completed the round of 5 I made a new stack of 4 plates. Thus, at the end of the WOD the plates were lined up as a single, single, 3, and a single. This certainly helped keep me focused!

My goal was to complete all rounds of burpees and pull-ups unbroken, and that’s just what I did.

I finished in a time of 14:33. Given that, I determined that I would allow folks up to, but no more than, 20 minutes to complete the metcon. This allowed time for a 10-minute warmup, 5-minute review of sumo dead-lift, 25 minutes to establish 1RM sumo dead-lift, 5 minutes to set-up for and remaining 20 minutes to complete metcon. Dave, are you mad that I set a time cap?

Next Sunday is the 2nd Annual Xander Tribute WOD. I hope to see you there!

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