How close?

I coached the 6am session at CFZ this morning, and there were 13 in attendance, including the Kelley twins. The last part of the warmup consisted of partner shoulder massages, and as there was an odd number of people I partnered with Thomas, i.e., I massaged his shoulders. I said, “Let me know if I’m being too rough.” “No, you’re not being too rough at all,” he replied. I think there may have been movement. Not from me, but from Thomas.

Sorry about confusing RS with Bradford press this morning, folks. Thanks for keeping me honest, Burt.

Michael Kelley and I had a rather heated exchange this afternoon of a personal nature. While I won’t provide the details of our conversation, suffice it to say that I was angrier with him than I have ever been.

It’s not often that I get to work out with Jeff, so I attended the 5:15pm session for no other reason than to be able to do so. Michael Kelley be damned.

Maximum Effort Upper
Single “Board Press” – 1RM

It was much fun partnering with Jeff! I’m very proud of his significant improvements in both strength and fitness.

An Abmat was used for the board press. My goal was to bench press 160#. Given my shoulder issues, I thought this would be a challenge. I lifted singles @ 135 and 155. I thought, “What the hell. Go for 165.” And that’s what I did. And the lift felt easy. I added another 10#, confident that it would be a struggle. Nope, 175# was quite easy as well. We were running out of time and I kinda sorta wanted to fail, so I put another 5# on the bar for a total of 180#. Even though I wasn’t speaking to him, I asked Michael Kelley to spot for what I was convinced would be a failed attempt. Nope, it was once again an easy lift, and Michael Kelley said, “That looked easy.” Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for another lift. Nonetheless, 180# is the heaviest I’ve ever bench pressed, and is 125% of my bodyweight.

My question is this: Is a 145# man bench pressing 180# stronger than a 225# man bench pressing 225#? Your opinion matters.

RS Press 4×5

Jeff is much better at this than I am. I mistakenly did the first round @ 120#. I did the remaining rounds @ 105, 110, and 115#

Barbell Bent-over Row 4×5

I lifted 135, 155, 160, and 165#.


5 Pull-Ups
7 Dumbbell Push Press
9 Kettle Bell Swings

I completed chest to bar pull-ups, and used a 60# KB. I began with 40# dumbbells, but the first press hurt my left arm somewhat so I switched to right-armed presses using a 40# dumbbell. My goal was to complete all rounds and reps unbroken, and I came this close to doing so. Unfortunately, I was only able to complete chest to bar pull-ups in reps of 4 & 1 at the start of the 8th round. I completed 7 rounds + 5 chest to bar pull-ups and 7 push presses.

I completed 100 tricep banded pull-downs for accessory.

Speaking of this close… I often joke about quitting CFZ and/or opening my own box. I came this close to actually quitting. Yes, this close.

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