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A great day at CFZ! But, first, about last night…

Jeff finally came home from another week in Chesapeake. As exhausting as his week was, I was surprised when he informed me that he would be going to the box at 6:30. I joined him. How could I resist?

I completed 3, 30m rounds of forward sled pulls pulling 170# (not including sled) and bear crawls pulling 45#. The weight is getting heavy. I’m pleased with how quickly my body is adapting, and how stronger I’m becoming. Bear crawls are a bitch, and the palms of my hands are raw and sore. I completed 17 pull-ups after each round. Why pull-ups? Because doing pull-ups actually seems to lessen pain in left shoulder. Why 17? Because I’m tired of doing sets in multiples of 5.

As I completed this work with time to spare, I joined the group with the metcon. If you recall, I found this metcon to be exceedingly boring. Tonight was not much different, although I did complete full squat cleans instead of front squats, and used 85#, just a little more than 50% of 1RM. My legs felt very tired after sled pulls, so I didn’t feel as light on my feet as I normally do while running. I completed in 6:39.

About today… I arrived at the box at 7:30, and Michael Kelley and Britt arrived shortly thereafter. I coached the 9:15, attended the10:30 session, and coached the Community WOD.

I led the 8amers through a yoga warmup, while Michael Kelley had the 9:15ers do Tabata sit-ups/KB swings. We were instructed to work the entire 20 seconds. I nonetheless wanted to get the same number of reps each round. I completed GHD sit-ups and 60# KB swings, and completed 11 and 12 each interval, respectively.

Abs count = 44

Choice Push-Up (Ring, Parallette, Weighted, Handstand)
3 sets of max reps (stop 1-2 reps shy of complete failure)

I was commanded to do this as part of the 8am session. Michael Kelley did not ask the 9:15 group to do so. When I asked him why he hadn’t, he merely batted his eyes. His ass looks HUGE when he bats his eyes.

Dynamic Effort Lower (ß Really, Michael Kelley? Proof your damn work.)
Press 9×3 @ 65% (vary grip)

I attempted a press with a mere 85# on the bar, and it hurt. I lifted just the 45# bar instead, and it still hurt. Yup, it’s time for me to see Jay and ask him to use his tools on me and/or see a chiropractor.

Close Grip Bench Press
10 minutes to work up to heavy set of 5

I had the pleasure of working with Paul A. and Thomas, who both bench pressed much more than did I. I did sets of 5 reps of 95, 105, and 115#, and then called it a day. Yup, left shoulder hurt each and every rep.

Tabata Pull-Ups
Tabata Shoulder-to-Overhead, 50% Push Press Ring Pushups

Okay, so I loved this metcon. Loved, loved, loved. My goal was to complete exactly 10 unbroken reps for all 16 rounds, and I achieved this goal. At no point did I complete pull-ups and/or ring dips to failure. For pull-ups, I had as many as 8 (first round) and as little as 1 (last round) additional seconds of rest. For ring pushups, I had no less than 6 additional seconds of rest. Yup, I probably could’ve gone for 11 or even 12 reps each round. I completed 80 pull-ups and 80 ring pushups in 7:40.

Next up was sled pulls, and I completed 3 rounds of 30m forward, backward, and strap between the legs, pulling 90 first two rounds and 100# last round.

Between the first and seconds rounds, I joined the 10:30ers for the Tabata, and this time did only GHD sit-ups. My goal was to start at 5 and add a sit-up until I worked up to 10 reps – and then see how long I could hold on! I was able to hold on until the very end, although just barely. Thus, I completed 65 GHD sit-ups.

Abs count = 130

I completed 80# weighted plank holds after rounds 2 and 3, and held for 60 and 90 seconds, respectively. Burt was kind enough to place the plates on my back. Thanks, Burt! You’re a gentleman and a scholar and a saint and an above average person.

(I did coach Nicole C., Margaret, and Terri on bench press. And I’m allowed to do so.)

More Tabata? Why not! I joined the 10:30ers and completed 5 toes to bar each interval. I was able to complete 5 unbroken until the 13th round. And then my lats and abs just gave out. And that’s okay. I completed a total of 80 toes to bar.

Abs count = 210

Michael Kelley, always the consummate coach with keen observational skills, said, “That’s a lot of core.” As you’ve stated, Michael Kelley, I have abs of titanium. Or maybe I’ve stated that.

Michael Kelley touched my penis.

There were about 15 people who attended the Community WOD. That’s quite a crowd! In addition, there were about 10 regulars who also completed the WOD, a 12-minute AMRAP of 50m farmer’s walk, 10 dumbbell burpees, 50m farmers’ walk, 10 toes to bar. Rough, I tell you.

A group of us met for brunch at Bass Lake Ale house, and at Burt’s suggestion I had an Allagash White beer. It was perhaps the most delicious beer I had all day. Thanks, Burt! You’re a gentleman and a scholar and a saint and an alcoholic.

Reminder: Only coaches need coach others. I continue to hear folks say that someone has instructed them during the WOD, e.g., correct form for split-jerk, change foot position for burpees, etc. CrossFit is difficult enough without getting conflicting information. Let the coaches coach. If you can’t be an athlete, you’re more than welcome to be an athletic supporter.

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