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I had ever intention of going for a 1RM push press early this morning, and arrived at the box at 5am in order to do so. Alas, I am experiencing pain in my left shoulder and bicep once again. I knew this almost immediately, as I was unable to push press the 45# bar without experiencing excruciating pain. I was able to manage 3 x 8 Bradford presses using only the 45# bar. Damn it.

I spent 45 minutes stretching and working on mobility.

I coached the 6amers, and most, if not all, achieved 1RMs. Nice job! That is all.

As I was once again picking up Luke from Doggie Village, I joined an evening session, and was one of five in attendance, including Leah, Heather, Sarah, and Cheri – and the only male. Michael Kelley was kind enough to work on my left arm and bicep, and (while painful) it did help. Nonetheless, my left arm still hurt, and I suggested that I do front squats instead. Michael Kelley would have none of that. Damn it, Michael Kelley! Thus, I set up a bar on the rack, and got to work. I set a realistic goal of push pressing my body weight, and that was all that I was able to achieve. I attempted 155# two times, and failed on both attempts. My left arm hurt.

I completed 3 x 15 each arm of bent-over dumbbell rows. I used a 30# dumbbell this first round, but as that felt relatively easy, I used a 45# dumbbell for the remaining rounds. Uhm, activate your shoulder before rowing, folks. I don’t want to have to tell you again.

Today’s metcon was a half a “Nate.” Lux, always the comedian, had early asked, “A four?” Get it? Half a Nate?

I attempted a handstand pushup, and it hurt. I grabbed the rings to attempt a muscle-up, and it hurt. I positioned the rings to do ring pushups, attempted a few, and it didn’t hurt.

Michael Kelley and I discussed substitutions, and I said, “I’m thinking heavy dead-lifts, maybe 275 pounds, ring pushups, and heavy kettle bell swings.” He asked, “How about wall crawls? Did they hurt when we did earlier during warmup?” “No, no pain there,” I replied. Michael Kelley said, “Do two wall crawls, four heavy dead-lifts, and eight heavy kettle bell swings.” “Okay,” I said, “I’ll use the seventy-pound kettle bell, and do Russian swings do I don’t hurt my arm.”

I put 225# on the bar, and did one lift. I thought, “This feels plenty heavy enough.” Michael Kelley walked by and said, “I thought you were going to do heavy dead-lifts? Didn’t you say 275?” Damn it, Michael Kelley! I added 2, 25# plates to the ends of the bar.

10-minute AMRAP
2 wall crawls
4 dead-lifts, 275#
8 Russian kettle bell swings, 70#

My goals were to complete 6 rounds and to do all activities unbroken. Guess what? I did not achieve this goal, although I came pretty damn close…

I completed all wall crawls with full range of motion, with my chest touching the wall, and walking both down and up the wall, i.e., not flopping off of the wall.

That first dead-lift is always tough, and today was no exception. I was delighted that I completed all rounds unbroken, as I was not at all confident that I would be able to do so. As I said repeatedly during the metcon, “Two hundred and seventy-five pounds is f@cking heavy!” For perspective, 275# is 190% of my bodyweight and 82% of 1RM. After the metcon Michael Kelley said, “I was getting ready to tell you to do one dead-lift at a time.” Why, Michael Kelley, why?

Uhm, the kettle bell swings were the most challenging part of the metcon? Why, yes! I completed all but the last round unbroken. Unfortunately, I didn’t chalk my hands, and I lost my grip after 7 reps. Damn it, Michael Kelley!

I completed 6 rounds – plus 1 wall crawl! Yup, I far surpassed my goal.

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