It looks hard…

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As yesterday was Sunday, I completed overhead squats. I am pleased to report that I had a breakthrough in that I am able to complete the first rep of a set of OHS. As always, I recorded all rounds. If I had any doubt that I was not breaking parallel, I redid the set. I completed sets of 5 – 7 reps of 45, 65, 75, 80, 85, 90, and 95#, and 2 sets of 2 reps of 100#. I was the only person in the box from 9 to shortly before 10, when Michael Kelley arrived looking slightly less bloated than normal. I then turned on the overhead light (I lift with lights off and garage door open when I’m there alone), and he looked as swollen as ever. Michael Kelley, make sure you meet lady friends in a dimly lit environment. And wear vertical stripes.  I didn’t do a met-con. Let me say that again: I didn’t do a met-con.

I attended this morning’s session, even though I know I am going to CF908 this evening. More than anything, I wanted to see Michael Kelley before I left town continue the low bar back squat series.

While warming up, Michael Kelley had the audacity to say that he found the Community WOD boring. Michael Kelley, you only did the Community WOD was so that you could “beat” the firefighters and look at their asses while doing so. Oh, and eat a HUGE quantity of food afterwards – including my French fries. It’s no wonder that Thomas is my favorite of the Kelley twins.

Low Bar Back Squat
2-3 warm-up sets
80% x 5
85% x 5
90% x 5
All percentages are based on 5 Rep Max

As I last lifted sets of 5 reps @ 185, I lifted 150, 160, & 170# today, slightly more than prescribed weights. I recorded all lifts. I felt strong today, and lifts felt easy. Michael Kelley said, “It looks hard.” As I know the lifts looked easy, I can only imagine that he was talking about my junk. I guess it’s not just my ass that looks good in Lululemon shorts. True story.

Partner Glute Ham Raise

I had the pleasure of partnering with Thomas. (Thomas, no one can make you feel an emotion – it’s merely your reaction to something she or he may have said or done. Thus, I can’t hurt your feelings. I do, however, know what buttons to push. Don’t believe me? Ask your brother.) Glute ham raises hurt both the glutes and the hamstrings. I think Michael Kelley abbreviates “hamstrings” as “ham”, well, because he’s fat.

400m Run
immediately followed by
3 Hang Power Snatch, 75#
7 Box Jumps, 30”

I was somewhat confused at the start, as I thought the 5 minutes included the 400m run. Instead, the 5-minute AMRAP began as soon as the 400m run was complete. Given this, I didn’t feel the least bit compelled to run with much effort, particularly since I’ll be doing a workout at CF908 this evening. Did I already mention that? I’m very much looking forward to working out there tonight and tomorrow morning. I love CF908. Tim, the owner (along with his incredibly strong wife, Erin), competed in the CF Regionals.

I ran 400m in an easy 90 seconds, and then completed 5 rounds + 3 power snatches & 5 box jumps in 5 minutes. Again, I didn’t push myself. All rounds were done unbroken, and I’ve gotten faster with 30” box jumps. Yes, I know you told others to only jump 24”, Michael Kelley. I sometimes don’t listen to you.

I enjoyed the met-con, and give it a 7.5. The score would be higher if we ran farther. In fact, we should’ve run another 400m at the end. Yes? Yes.


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