AMRAP, Lal, ALAP, and Five

Another great day at CFZ, mostly because I created today’s met-con. Yup, that’s the number one reason. I attended 9:30 and then coached 10:30 and Community WODs; thus, an AMRAP and an ALAP.

Michael Kelley led us through a 20-minute mobility session (and I led 10:30ers through very similar routine). Nice job, Michael Kelley.

AMRAP of the following:
3 muscle-ups (sub 6 unassisted ring dips + 6 pull-ups or 3 wall crawls + 6 pull-ups)
9 bodyweight jumping dead-lifts
9 burpees with lateral jump over bar

I will begrudgingly admit that there were times when I wanted to scream at myself for creating such a grueling workout… My goal was to complete all activities unbroken, and I barely achieved this goal.

The least challenging activities were the burpee with lateral jumps. No problems, although I had left such a pool of sweat on the floor that my feet did occasionally slip.

Muscle-ups were somewhat challenging, but I nonetheless completed all rounds unbroken. However, during the second to the last round my left hand slipped, and I evidently twisted all about. Michael Kelley had a shocked look on his face, and I later learned that others (including Nathanael) who had observed were also concerned for my safety and well-being. My first thought when my hand slipped was, “Bring it under control. Your goal is to complete all rounds unbroken.” I did take me quite some time to bring the ring back to my body and extend my left arm and lock my elbow. I was able to do so, and then did final muscle-up of that round. If there was an awesomeness award handed out today, I would have most certainly been the recipient. My ass also looked spectacular in my Lululemon shorts. Two awards, then.

Jumping dead-lifts at 150# (2# more than bodyweight, 75# less than Michael Kelley’s bodyweight) were the most challenging. Michael Kelley and I both instructed athletes to use only overhead grip, and that’s most certainly what I did. I very, very, very (yes, a third “very” is necessary) wanted to drop the bar before the end the last couple of rounds. But I didn’t. I should probably get a third award for that.

So, how many rounds did I complete? Read on…

I once again erased my name from and did not record my rounds on the whiteboard. Michael Kelley, of course, wanted to know how many rounds I completed, you know, so he could attempt to best me. I told him that I got 6 rounds and some reps.

Michael Kelley, as well as Jeff, Thomas, and my massage therapist and friend, Lal, attended the 10:30 session that I coached, as did about 8 or 10 others. (I can’t always mention all of you, so don’t get your feelings hurt. Yes, I’m talking to you, Chad. Okay, okay, nice work on muscle-ups. Oh, and your outfit was pretty.)

A few observations…

Jeff continues to get stronger and more fit, and was one of the few people to get his chest consistently to the wall for wall crawls. As I mentioned to Thomas, it’s important to work consistently; thus, there are times when you need to scale during the workout. Lal did a great job, and I hope that he’ll return! (We will, however, talk about your conversation with Michael Kelley.) Michael Kelley started off strong. End of comments.

Community WOD was 12-minute AMRAP of 5 toes to bar, 10 six-count burpees, and 15 jumping air squats. Some local firefighters attended.

Just yesterday Jeff said, “I don’t know why Michael Kelley would program a workout that he knows most people won’t be able to do.” I said, “Jeff, I programmed the WOD. As I’ve said to Michael Kelley, there are times when we need to challenge the more advanced athletes, including me. I want a WOD with muscle-ups. Others, including you, can scale, and get still get a great workout. Just a moment ago Jeff said, “I owe you an apology. I was skeptical of your workout, but it was both challenging and fun.”

I completed 9 rounds + 3 muscle-ups, 9 jumping dead-lifts, and 5 burpees with lateral jump; 30 muscle-ups, 90 jumping dead-lifts, and 86 burpees with lateral jump. That’s more than Michael Kelley completed. How many wards am I up to, five?

I often talk to Jeff about no longer coaching and instead focusing more on my own fitness. Today Jeff asked, “Are you really going to quit coaching? Don’t because I really love going to your sessions.” Shucks, Jeff, that’s very nice of you to say. We’ll see. We will see.

The ALAP began and 9:20 and continued through lunch at J.D.’s. I was nice to Michael Kelley for As Long As Possible – a total of 4.5 hours. That’s a PR!

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