Hero WOD “Bradshaw”

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I coached the 7am WOD. Jeff, Michael Kelley, Paul & Heather, John & daughter Heather, Burt, and Chad attended, and everybody did an awesome job: some more awesome than others, and Jeff most awesome of all. Michael Kelley had the fastest time, Chad had the highest jumps, and Burt threw up the most.

I attended the 8:15 session led my Michael Kelley. Having witnessed the WOD just moments earlier, I almost decided not to attempt it at all. This is the first time I can recall that when coaching that there were quite a few times when all athletes were resting. I was most concerned with pull-ups, as my left shoulder is still sore and I haven’t done a single pull-up in weeks.

10 rounds for time
3 handstand pushups
6 dead-lifts, 225/155
12 pull-ups
24 double unders
Prior to the WOD I dead-lifted 135 and then 225 just once. I didn’t attempt a single HSPU or double under, and had no intention of attempting a pull-up until the WOD began. Michael Kelley suggested that I replace pull-ups with ring rows, and I had every intention of doing so if need be. I used the word “intention” it the previous two sentences. I said, “I’m not going to do a pull-up until the WOD begins.” Michael Kelley replied, “At least do a few to see if you can.” “No,” I said, “I’ll know if I can do them once the WOD starts.” Michael Kelley replied, “Let me at least see you hang from the bars.” I did just that, and then did 2 pull-ups. Jeff was watching and said, “That looked easy.” I didn’t feel easy, as I felt a slight pain in my left shoulder. And I didn’t care. I figured I would hang on as long as I could and then substitute ring rows.  I had resigned myself to not finishing faster than Michael Kelley, as I knew pull-ups were going to slow me down. And they did. This doesn’t make me hate Michael Kelley any more or less.

My A, B, C, & D goals were the following: complete as Rx; complete dead-lifts unbroken; complete HSPUs unbroken; and complete double unders unbroken. I achieved goals A, B, & C, but only completed 6 rounds of double unders unbroken.

This was quite a difficult WOD, as well it should be. I didn’t even have any pretense of keeping on my shirt, and removed it before the WOD even began. I got so hot during the WOD that I poured cold water on top of my head on 2 separate occasions.

HSPUs went swimmingly, and were the easiest part of the WOD. Even though 225# is heavy, I did manage to complete all rounds unbroken. I should’ve warmed up double unders, as I started off weak and got stronger and better as the rounds progressed, completkng the last 3 rounds unbroken. Pull-ups were by far the worst, and I only completed the first 2 rounds unbroken. By that last round I was doing 1 at a time, and my shoulder was killing me. Why didn’t I substitute ring rows? See goal A.

I completed the WOD in 23:40.

I was very, very close to heaving, and ran outside to do so. The picture of me bent over with my hands on my legs captures the moment perfectly.

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