“You’re not a complete disappointment, Paul Potorti.”

Today was the first Sunday where I didn’t coach at CFD, and it felt, well, kinda weird. I could have slept in, if only Zac, Meg, & Luke would have allowed me do so. They awakened me at 4:30. I did manage to fall back into a light sleep until 5:45. And it was good.

Luke was particularly frisky, so we played fetch in the backyard for a half hour and then went for a 2-mile walk – all before 7:30.

I wore another new pair of Lululemon shorts. And I looked good.

I arrived at CFZ at 8:30, spent 20 minutes on mobility. I also put the 45# bar away, the bar the Michael Kelley left on the rack, and did 45 burpees. That’s the kind of friend I am.

I then chose to work on overhead squat form. Again, I chose to work on overhead squat form. Huh? Me? Overhead squats? I used to hate overhead squats! It’s easy to hate Michael Kelley overhead squats, as he’s fat I had such a difficult time learning how to do so. Much of this was due to issues with flexibility. I’ve noticed a significant difference since I’ve started to focus much more on mobility and flexibility. I have Michael Kelley the Democratic Party to thank.

My original goal was to work up to 85# with good form, as I’ve only been able to OHS 80# with less than perfect form. I recorded each set. I lifted 10 reps of 45, then 5 reps of 65, 65, 75, 75, and 80#. I sent Michael Kelley the set of 80# and asked for feedback, asking, “Deep enough?” He sexted, “Yup. Much better.” He’s so eloquent. Since the lifts felt good, I decided to go for 85#, and did 5 reps. I was surprised with how in control I felt. I focused pushing my hips back, shrugging my shoulders and activating my lats, and – most importantly, staying on my heels and not going on my toes.

Since the reps felt and looked solid, I decided to go for 90, and did 3 reps. I thought, “Put the 25# plates on the bar and at least attempt 95#.” And that’s what I did, completing 2 reps. Why 2 reps? Because I wanted to make sure that at least 1 rep was deep enough, i.e., counted. I viewed the recording, and both reps were below parallel. I thought, “Why not go for an even hundred?” Just before lifting, I decided to kick off my weightlifting shoes and wear my Inov8s. And what I HUGE difference it made! I felt like I had much more control, and that I no longer felt like I was going up on my toes. Lesson learned. I put 100# on the bar and completed 3 successful reps. I considered this a PR, as while I may have completed OHS at a heavier weight in the past, I know that not one of the reps would’ve counted. Today, each and every rep counted. I put 105 on the bar and completed 2 reps. I put 110 on the bar, and completed 2 last reps – a PR! And it was good. I sexted Michael Kelley…

Me: Just got 110#!
MK: Nice. What’s the most you’ve done?
Me: Correctly? That’d be 110! I watched video over & over 2 make sure I broke parallel. Did it 2x 2 make sure. Took me to min 2 build up 2. Taking off weightlifting shoes helped!
MK: Cool. Much improvement. You’re not a complete disappointment, Paul Potorti.

I would post recordings of OHS, but I forgot to turn off the background music, and both Facebook and YouTube keep taking downs videos that have copyrighted material. Oh, well.

I considered doing a met-con, but as tomorrow’s WOD is going to be challenging, I decided to work on skills instead, focusing on 2 skills we don’t often do at CFZ: headstands and parallette pass throughs. Again, I recorded so that I could critique. For the first headstand, I actually went past vertical. This was due to my not placing the top of my head firmly on the mat, and instead resting part of my forehead on the mat. I corrected this for the remaining sets. And for the first time ever I was able to rise to a handstand. I followed that by completing a headstand and balancing only on head and fingertips. Quite challenging indeed.

I finished the day with 5 sets of 10 reps of parallette pass throughs.

I think I’m going to like my Sunday solo workouts… Don’t ask to join me, Thomas. I mean it. Don’t ask.

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