Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

I wore my brand new Lululemon Kung Fu shorts, and I looked good. True story.

I attended the 9:30am session, coached by Michael Kelley, and coached the 10:30am and Community WODs. Michael Kelley has the attention span of a tsetse fly. And the girth of a hippopotamus.

I’m still nursing a sore left shoulder, so I’m still avoiding most upper body work, particularly cleans and/or clean & jerks. As Michael Kelley knows this, he included both in today’s workout. So, while others did cleans, I did kettle bell swings – with a twist.

2 Cleans every 30 seconds for 5 minutes, heaviest possible
3 kettle bell swings every 30 seconds for 5 minutes

I began with 53# KB, completing 9, and then switched to the 62# KB and completed another 9. That brought me to 3 minutes. For the remaining 2 minutes I completed 16, 70# KB swings. You’re questioning my math right now, and I can’t say as I blame you. For the last 2 rounds, Michael Kelley challenged me to do 5 instead of 3 swings. No problem. In fact, even though I completed American swings, I didn’t experience much pain in left shoulder.

I warned my fellow CFZers that if the temperature rose above 90 degrees that the shirt was coming off. Michael Kelley wet and held up his finger, and proclaimed, “It’s 93 degrees!” He likes to see me shirtless, you know, so he can see what a ripped body looks like. I took off my shirt. And I look good. True story.

6 Rounds
5 Power Cleans
200m Run
5 Jerks
100m Run
5 jumping dead-lifts, 145# (bodyweight)
200m Run
5 box jumps, 36”
100m Run

I had originally planned on doing 8 rounds, but the 9:30 class ran over (imagine that!) and I had to get ready to coach the 10:30 session. Nonetheless, 6 rounds made for a challenging workout. Here’s the rundown, in detail.

I haven’t jumped 36” during a met-con in a very long time, and the first round was a mess in that I missed 2 jumps – including the very first attempt! Things got much better, and I completed rounds 2 through 5 unbroken and rather quickly. I did miss the very last jump doing round 6, as someone passed directly in front of me and it threw me off a bit.

Jumping dead-lifts are quite fun, and I’m looking forward to including in workouts in the future. It’s a very good way to mimic the clean without hurting my arm.

Running, of course, was a total pleasure! Michael Kelly had requested the Jeff and Kristin stand by the 200m turnaround and cheer for people. I used it as an opportunity to show some skin, either pulling up the legs or pulling down the top of my shorts, pulling down my shorts to scratch an ass cheek, or running with my hands down my pants. At one point I put my left hand down my shorts, grabbed my junk, and then held up the same hand and asked Kristin for a high five. She didn’t high five me, and I was crushed.

I completed the workout in 13:24. I was a sweaty, shirtless mess, but had to quickly get ready to coach. I washed my hands before coaching. I probably should’ve given Thomas a high five before doing so. A missed opportunity…

Nine athletes attended the 10:30 session, including Jeff and Kristin, as well as Krista, Tom L., Burt, Eisa (sp), Margie, Michael Kelley, and Thomas (Michael Kelley’s fraternal twin brother, for those of you keeping score at home). Most folks did a great job. Someone needs to focus on positive self-talk. I was on her/him like white on rice, and I’m going to continue riding her/his ass until I see progress. Never ever ever ever ever nod your head “no” during a workout. Never ever ever ever ever say, “I can’t do it” or “It’s too heavy” or “I’m too fat”. Actually, Michael Kelley could and should say that last statement.

I’m done now. For the time being.

There was a HUGE crowd at the Community WOD, as Kabool had invited his friends and fellow CrossFitters to attend the WOD in celebration of this birthday. As there was such a large crowd, I had to think on my feet and modify the WOD, including the use of the space. We began by squatting and singing “Happy Birthday”. I hope I’ve started a tradition!

13:30-minute AMRAP (He’s turning 27, so half his age)
Run 100m
2 box jumps or air squats
2 wall ball shots or KB swings
Run 100m
4 box jumps or air squats
4 wall ball shots or KB swings
Run 100m
6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16…

I enjoy ladder workouts, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to participate in this one. Once Michael Kelley and/or Tom begin coaching the Community WOD I’ll be able to occasionally do so.

Experienced CrossFitters did box jumps and wall ball shots inside and first timers did air squats and KB swings outside. I’ve never seen such a decrease in power output, and there were times when all 10 or so newbies were resting.

Jeff took pictures. Enjoy!

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