Hair Product

Awake at 3:55am. Thanks, Zac & Meg! Bad kitties!

Arrived at CFZ at 5:45, and spent 20 minutes working out some of the kinks, particularly in my (you guessed it) left shoulder. I’m beginning to think I may have pinched a nerve. Lauren and Michelle silently arrived at 6, and as they were quiet I didn’t engage them in witty banter – that is until I could stand the silence no longer.

As I haven’t worked on overhead squat form in weeks, that’s what I chose to focus on this morning, completing sets of 5 reps @ 45, 65, 75, and 80#. While control has improved, I still need to work on ensuring depth and that I don’t go up on my toes. So sayeth Michael Kelley, after he watched video I had recorded. Oh, he “arrived” at 6:30, and I at first didn’t recognize him. It appears that I may have to loan him some money to buy hair product, as he wasn’t wearing any this morning. And. He. Looked. Bad. He did, however, look more heterosexual than normal. That’s not saying much.

I contemplated what conditioning I would do, and had settled on a 20-min ladder of ring dips, ring pushups, and air squats, but, alas, that was not to be. I demonstrated ring dips for Lauren and experienced pain in my (you guessed it) left shoulder. I tried a few ring pushups and experienced the same pain. Time was running out, and I had to decide fast. As I honestly haven’t been doing much running as of late and as I can always improve on double under performance, I decided upon those two skills.

20-min AMRAP Ladder
5 double unders
5, 10m shuttle runs, i.e., 50m
10 dus
100m shuttle run
15 dus
150m shuttle run

You get the picture. This was a surprisingly challenging workout, and I enjoyed it tremendously; and it more than made up for the short and easy conditioning workout I did yesterday evening.

However, I was nearing completion of the 450m shuttle runs when time was running out. I yelled to Michael Kelley, “Please get a stopwatch!” He replied, “We don’t have a stopwatch.” I thought, “Fool, you have an iPhone.” I said, “Get your smartphone, dummy!” He did, and I had him start the clock at the end of the 20 minutes. I reset my goal to AFAP ladder up to 500m.

Michael Kelley observed some of the shuttle runs, if for no other reason to catch yet another glimpse of my very shapely ass. As for all shuttle runs, I was turning on my left and right foot for odd and even number runs, respectively. I was running past the cone, but Michael Kelley accused me of not doing so. In all honesty, I wasn’t overly concerned with making this distance, as for all odd numbered runs, e.g., 5, 15, 25, etc., I was running and additional 10m to get back to the box and my jump rope. Michael Kelley also said, “Why don’t you just run the 400 meter loop and add 100 meters?” Because, Michael Kelley, that’s an altogether different workout.

I completed the workout in 24:45.5. That’s 275 dus and 2750m of running.

For a somewhat abrupt change of topic, I’m going to document an insecurity. Get ready. This doesn’t happen very often.

I have been informing Michael Kelley that I am no longer interested in coaching the Community WOD, and that I may also need a break from coaching altogether. While it might appear that this is an idle threat, since I like to tease and can be sarcastic, this is not the case. My last day at CFD was last Sunday, and that means 3 less hours of coaching per week. If I no longer coach the Community WOD at CFZ, I’ll be down to 2 hours a week (plus opening the box on Thursdays). Michael Kelley texted me and stated: I’m tired of u hating on coaching. U keeping talking about not wanting to do it. And looking for another job. Or quitting.

He makes a valid point. That doesn’t happen very often.

I responded: Truth be told? I think that I’m not qualified 2 coach. U know anatomy. I don’t. U’ve been lifting 4 years. I haven’t. I should focus on improving my owns skills & then maybe coach. I told you I was being honest. I’m out of my league.

The texts continued… The story continues?  We’ll see.


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