Sunday in the box with Paul

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Today was my last day of coaching Sundays at CFD; thus, worthy of a post…

Five athletes attended the endurance WOD, including Kristin, Sandra, Jamelle, Chris, and Matt.

25-min AMRAP (and AFAP!):
Row 5 calories
Run 5, 10m shuttle runs
5 burpee box jumps
Row 10 calories
Run 10, 10m shuttle runs
10 burpee box jumps
Row 15 calories

This looked grueling, and I’m anxious to try the WOD myself. Chris completed the round of 30, and rowed an additional 5 calories. Impressive!

I then coached the 10 and 11 sessions, and there were but 3 in attendance at each session, including Em, Justin, Eniar, Kate, KC, and Nate. Athletes worked on form for cleans, and then completed 7 rounds of 3 power cleans (75% 1RM) followed by 50m, 25m, and 10m shuttle runs. I threw in a cash out of 3 strict pull-ups on the minute for 7 minutes.

I felt rather melancholy while coaching, as I knew it was my last Sunday at CFD. Some folks took me aside to thank me, and I’m very appreciative of their kinds words.

Dave worked out solo as I coached the 11 session, so I was able to (sadly) return my key. I extended my hand as I thanked him – and he hugged me. That Dave! He’s such a nice guy!

Dave, if you’re reading this, please know how grateful I am to you for allowing me to coach at CFD. I learned much along the way. Most importantly, I made many friends, and I include you among one of the best. You and Amy. Mostly Amy, but you, too.



3 thoughts on “Sunday in the box with Paul

  1. Paul I had no idea today was your last endurance workout at CFD. I’m so sad to hear it. Yours was my favorite. Best wishes to you – and thank you for making me want to run!

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