Michael Kelley, row the boat ashore

Meg & Zac awakened me at 4am, and I could not fall back to sleep. I took my leisurely time getting ready, but nonetheless arrived at CFZ at 5:35. That’s too damn early. This did allow ample time for mobility. Alas, my left bicep hurt worse today than it has in quite some time, and it may be due to demonstrating rings skills at CFD yesterday. I dreaded today’s skill, the press, and I feared that I would feel excruciating pain. I did…

Michael Kelley led us through an insipid conversation a mobility session. We also completed 30 OHS. I kinda enjoyed that, and I”m not quite sure why.

I completed a total of 3 presses at 75#, and knew that I couldn’t do any more – let alone attempt at 1 rep maximum. It was particularly painful as I lowered the bar. Michael Kelley suggested negative handstand pushups. I politely ignored his suggestion. He then suggested dumb bell presses. I once again politely ignored his suggestion. I contemplated leaving, but that would have been silly as I had to wait until 7 to drop off Luke at Doggie Village. What to do, what to do…

As there was just 30 minutes remaining in the hour, I quickly decided to do a rowing endurance WOD. Kim and Kristin completed 15 reps of 250m with 1 min recovery just yesterday, and it looked miserably fun. I knew I wouldn’t have enough time for 15 reps, so I decided to do 10. This was indeed miserable, but not at all fun…

Here are the results:

Rep | time | pace/500m | strokes/min
1 | 55.8| 1:51.6 | 30
2 | 54.3 | 1:48.6 | 28
3 | 51.6 | 1:43.2 | 33
4 | 52.0 | 1:44.0 | 31
5 | 51.9 | 1:43.8 | 32
6 | 51.7 | 1:43.4 | 34
7 | 52.9 | 1:45.8 | 32
8 | 52.5 | 1:45.0 | 33
9 | 53.9 | 1:47.6 | 31
10 | 51.4 | 1:42.8 | 35

Overall: Time 8:48.0 | 2500m | 1:45.6/500m avg | 31 s/m avg

As you can see, I started to fall apart during round 7, and this may have been because of the increased s/m. One minute of recovery was hardly enough, and I was still quite out of breath before starting the last 4 rounds. For the first time that I can recall, I found that I was exerting so much effort that not only did I grunt, breathe very heavily, and grimace, I also closed my eyes! It was as if I didn’t want to see how slowly the meters were counting down. The only thing I’m pleased about is that I finished strong.

Dear 6amers,

Hello! How are you? I am fine. My apologies for the grunting sounds. And the sweating. And the swearing. And the making fun of your collective hopping abilities. Well, I may not be too sorry about making fun of you.

Your friend,


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