Servabo Fidem

Yesterday I coached the 6am session at CFZ. I worked out at 5am, although I didn’t do a met-con.

High Bar Back Squat
3 warm up sets of 95, 115, and 135
5 @ 65% | 136.5/140 150
3 4×5 @ 75% | 157.5/160

I lifted the set of 5 @ 65% and thought, “That feels heavy for being just 65%.” I looked at my notebook and realized that I lifted 150 instead of 140. Well, at least the first set of 160 didn’t feel very heavy.

In fact, all lifts felt relatively easy. I made sure to record last 2 sets, but unfortunately didn’t record the final of 3 sets. So I lifted a 4th set of 160. I made sure that no music was playing in the background, just in case I posted on YouTube or Facebook. No copyright infringement here at™.

I attended the 9:30 and then coached the 10:30 and Community WODs at CFZ. Michael Kelley was in a particularly foul mood, and we’re not on speaking terms at the moment. I haven’t bothered to tell him, though, so don’t let him know.

Servabo Fidem (I shall keep the faith)

Adam Young WOD

400m Downed Man Person Carry
100 Pull-Ups
100 Box Jumps
100 Kettlebell Swings
100 Overhead Walking Lunges
400m Downed Man Person Carry

WOD Standards:
You may pair up in teams of 2 or 3 depending on ability. Only one person works at a time.
For the carry, each person must carry at least once. The distance doesn’t matter; it just has to happen. For scaling, partners can run together and pass off a weighted object.
You can choose the order of the movements after the carry. You must complete all 100 before moving to the next movement.”
Box jumps (24″/20″): must hit full hip extension either on top of the box or while jumping down.
KB Swings (52#/35#): must end overhead.Pull-ups: chin over the bar, full lockout at the bottom.
Overhead lunges (45#/25#): plate must be completely locked out overhead. Each step is one rep.

Text copied from the CFZ page, although I corrected the numerous typographical and grammatical errors.

CFD posted the following information about Adam Young: Adam Young, a Raleigh Police Officer, and long time CrossFitter, was shot multiple times in the line-of-duty. Adam faces a long and painful rehabilitation process during which time neither he nor his wife will be able to work. We are conducting this benefit to assist him and his family financially and emotionally with a strong appreciation for the men and women that serve and protect the greater Triangle area selflessly. This is an opportunity for our Community to support one of our own. This WOD will honor Adam, his selfless service, and help support his family, during this most difficult time.

I partnered with Jeff, and he did awesome! He insisted that he carry me first. I let him know that he didn’t have to carry me far. He nonetheless carried me a little more than 100m, and I carried him the remaining 300m. He says my shoulder is bony.

Jeff scaled the pull-ups and I performed Rx. This is the first time I’ve done pull-ups since my shoulder injury, and I’m happy to report that all is relatively good. I made sure to complete no more than 10 reps at a time.

Jeff and I chose to do box jumps next, with Jeff jumping 20” while I jumped 24”. We used the same box, so we lost some time in the transition. Box jumps were the easiest I think they’ve ever been, and I was able to string together quite a few at a fast pace. I had planned on doing just 10 at a time, but didn’t communicate this to Jeff. I did 10, he did 15, I did 10, he did 15, so I then did as many as 20 at a time.

Overhead lunges were next, and I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy them. I held a 45# plate overhead while Jeff used a 35#. We each did 10 steps at a time.

As Chad wanted to use a 52# kettle bell, I gave him mine and grabbed a 60# kettle bell, intended to do Russian instead of American swings. Jeff started, using a 44# KB, did 1 swing and said, “Get me a lighter kettle bell.” I said, “Why don’t I start and you get a lighter kettle bell.” I did the first 5 or so Russian, but then decided to do all remaining reps American. Huh? I was feeling particularly strong today.

The last downed man person carry was grueling. I carried Jeff a little more than 100m, he carried me about 25, and then I carried him the rest of the way, putting him down a few times along the way. He started to feel heavy, although he most certainly is not.

We finished in 26:22.

I was quite exhausted, and also quite a sweaty mess. Thomas can attest to this, as I used him to demonstrate the downed man person carry. Sorry, Thomas. I very much enjoyed coaching this particular WOD as not only was it for a very worthy cause, there were also many moving parts. Thus, teams were often doing many different skills at the same time. However, all teams chose to do pull-ups following the first downed man person carry. Copycats. I hadn’t observed my fellow CFers during the 9:30 WOD, so I’m not sure if any teams did what I saw in the 10:30 session, namely facing each other on the box and doing 100 box jumps 1 at a time while taking turns doing so. It looked, shall I say, peculiar. I know that I wouldn’t have enjoyed doing so, as I prefer working at my own pace.

Oh, and let me go on record as saying everyone should participate in the warm up that the coach leads, as it’s disrespectful to not do so.

My favorite conversation of the day took place with Paul A as his wife, Heather, stood by.
PA: That was tough.
PP: We should try this WOD together, as we’d kick ass.
PA: I gotta work on getting my cardio up.
PP: So, is that the nickname you’ve given it?

I coached the Community WOD, and we did a half Chelsea. A good time was had by none.


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