Some days you have it…

…some days you don’t.
I attended the 5:30pm session @ CrossFit King of Prussia, PA (which is actually in Bridgeport). I arrived early and got to observe the 4:30 CFers. I had some idea of what I was in for.
Melanie coached, and she is very good! We first warmed up with rowing based on strokes per minute, and then practiced single and double unders. I strung together 68. Once my shoulder completely heals, I’m going to attempt 100 and/or 1 more than Michael Kelley’s best.
I was feeling tired already. I shouldn’t left then! Ha!
Melanie then walked us through proper form for power snatches. She carefully observed form and made correction when needed.
21-15-9 for time:
Handstand pushups
Power snatches (115#)
I informed Melanie of my shoulder injury and let her know I was going to only snatch 95#.
Melanie counted down from 3 and we were on our way. I was the only person attempting HSPUs as prescribed. I was able to complete 8 unbroken, but then for the remainder of the round of 21 as well as remaining rounds of 15 and 9 was only able to do 2 at a time at the most. Stupid shoulders. I was one of the last to complete the round of 21 HSPUs.
I was, however, able to quickly complete 21 power snatches, and was one of the first to begin round of 15 HSPU.
I had perhaps the worst met-con moment of my life. I had completed 5 or so HSPUs, and then had about 10 failed attempts. And by failed I mean FAILED. I couldn’t remain in an upright position let alone bring me head to the floor. I tried positioning my hands differently. Didn’t work. I tried resting. Didn’t work. I tried swearing. Didn’t work. I was ready to try quitting when, for reasons I have yet to determine, I was finally able to complete a HSPU. Stranger still is that the remainder of my HSPUs were successes. Huh?
I was the very last person to finish the round of 15 HSPUs, and by this time it was too late. Even though I quickly completed round of 15 power snatches, I was taking so long to do HSPUs that I just couldn’t catch up. In fact, there were quite a few who had started to put away their weights before I had even begun round of 9.
I did quickly complete 9 power snatches. Nonetheless, I was the VERY LAST person in my session to compete the workout. The VERY LAST. My time was 15:24.
I’m humbled. I’m not, however, humiliated. Should I be?

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