My left shoulder and bicep hurt, blah, blah, blah. I did see my very good friend Jay, who also happens to be the world’s best physical therapist, and it appears that I merely have inflamed muscle tissue. Nothing broken, nothing torn. Ice and Ibuprofen. Good news!

There was a Visitor from another box and Michael Kelley spent most of his time and attention on him. I was very jealous.

Low Bar Back Squat
5 @ 50% | 105
5 @ 60% | 126/130 (percentage/actual weight lifted)
5 @ 70% | 147/150
3 @ 80% |168/170
2 @ 90% | 189/190
1 @ 100% | 210

I was moving slowly this morning. After putting on my weightlifting shoes and grabbing my notebook and barbell collars, I leisurely walked to the whiteboard and recorded the reps and percentages. I then walked to the posted chart and recorded 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90% of 210#, my estimated 1RM. “Michael Kelley, this chart doesn’t go to 100%, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to lift for the last round.” He replied, “Then lift 260.” You’re very funny looking, Michael Kelley.

Squats at 105 and 130 felt, for lack of a better word, rusty. My knees cracked and my hip flexors screamed. I thought, “This is going to be one of those days.” Squats at 150, 170, and 190 felt great. Huh? Yeah! Yes, I did record all but sets of 50 and 60%, and pried Michael Kelley away from the Visitor and had Michael Kelley view, asking him to be certain to notice the depth of the squats. (Like I really need to tell Michael Kelley to look at my ass…) Visitor mockingly said, “You record yourself?” Yes, I record myself, and it truly has helped me analyze and then focus on improving form.

I was feeling quite nervous before attempting 210# squat. I was delighted, I tell you, absolutely delighted when I was able to squat 210 without very much struggle. (Notice I didn’t say without “any” struggle.) I thought, “Put another 10 on the bar and give it a try.” And that’s what I did. I was beyond delighted, I tell you, absolutely beyond delighted when I was able to squat 220 without very much of a struggle. My second PR of the morning!

I really wanted to attempt another lift, but I knew that time was running out. I put 5# on the bar, squatted, struggled at the bottom but was working my way out of the hole – when Visitor assisted. Damn it! I know he meant well (or did he), but I nonetheless was disappointed. I blame Michael Kelley.

Not Fran
21-15-9, 95#
Front Squat
Pull-Up Right-arm Russian KB swings, 44#
Double Double Under (42-30-18)

Yes, today we were to have completed “Fran,” although I knew I wasn’t going to be doing thrusters or pull-ups. This was one of the most grueling workouts that we’ve done in quite some time. My goal was to complete all rounds, including dus, unbroken.

The first round of FS felt light, I tell you, light! The second round felt twice as heavy as the first round, and the last round felt as heavy as Michael Kelley, i.e., 200+ pounds. I completed all rounds unbroken.

The first round of KB swings felt easy, the second round difficult, and the third round painful. I completed all rounds unbroken.

I completed first round of dus in reps of 10 and 32. Damn, not unbroken. I completed the remaining rounds unbroken. I did, however, have to count 21 and 21, 15 and 15, and even 9 and 9. I knew I wouldn’t be able to remember 42, 30, or 18, let alone multiple by 2. Yes, that’s how much I suck at math.

I completed the met-con in 5:13.

Congratulations to my friend Chad who completed 10 unbroken double unders! Chad, you looked smoooooth, i.e., not at all like Paul A. Chad informed me that he could hear my voice saying, “Slow is fast, slow is fast.” (Paul A., Heather suggests that you hear my voice repeatedly saying “Slow is fast” your next date night. Okay? Okay.)


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