Michael Kelley’s Birthday WOD

Michael Kelley’s 27th birthday is today. Our relationship is, for lack of a better word, “unusual.” I am old enough to be his father, yet I think of him as a younger (by 21 years) brother. Happy Birthday, baby brother! I love/hate you like only an older brother could.

As I coached the 6am session, I arrived at the box at the far too early (even for me) time of 5am. I’m convinced that I get stronger as the day progresses. Sounds like an excuse for a terrible performance, but it is not.

Today’s posted WOD was:

Work up to the heaviest weighted pull-up possible. If you cannot do an unassisted pull-up, work to the lightest band for a single pull-up.

3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KB Swings, 52/35
12 Pull-Ups
10 Clean & Jerk, 135/95

I spent 20 minutes warming up, and realized that my left bicep is still too sore to press; thus C&Js were out of the question. I determined that I would replace C&Js were 27 pushups, and that’s what I planned on doing. I instead did “Helen”:  3 rounds of 400m run, 21 KB swings, and 12 pull-ups.

I was unsure where the turnaround was for 200m, and that slowed me down somewhat during the first round. What also slowed me down was the herd of deer that crossed my path a mere 10m in front of me. Nonetheless, running felt awesome and effortless. Yeah, running!

I completed rounds of KB swings and pull-ups unbroken. My time, however, was a mere 9:16, 24 seconds slower than my best time.

I truly think I would benefit from having a coach present, as I rely only upon myself for motivation. I would like someone saying, “Pick up the kettle bell, Paul. No time like the present. You’re wasting valuable time.” Better still, “Paul, are you really going to waste time chalking your hands? Grab the bar and pull up. It’s that simple.”

Uhm, these are things I said to 6amers. Am I being too mean? Let me know, athletes!

I then completed weighted pull-ups of 10, 20, 30, 40, and (a BIG leap to) 58#. With the addition of my bodyweight, I completed a 201# pull-up.

Michael Kelley and his fraternal twin brother, Thomas, attended the 6am session, as did Lauren, Kristen, Ryan, Heather, John, Chad, and the Other Paul.

The conditioning is a combination of Michael Kelley’s 2 favorite benchmark WODs, “Helen” and “Grace”. Having witnessed everyone (including Michael Kelley) struggle with the met-con, I’m kind of glad that my bicep is sore. Michael Kelley, I enjoyed witnessing you struggle mightily, giving me a “F@ck you!” look, and seeing you come this close to vomiting. It’s like you gave me a present on your birthday!


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