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Another Wednesday, another solo WOD…

I wanted to experience today’s WOD in all its glory – if for no other reason than to be able to effectively manage time as well as set expectations for 6amers.

I arrived at 4:55am. I spent 15 minutes on mobility, and then practiced split jerk technique. I still have a little bit of pain in my left bicep, so I didn’t lift very heavy. I completed 3 reps of 105, 115, 125, and 135#. I didn’t have time to do much more, as I wanted to be sure that the box was open (I keep it locked when I’m the only person there) by the time folks arrived. Next was “Nate”, a hero WOD. Let me go on record as saying this was perhaps the most difficult WOD I have yet to attempt.

AMRAP 20 Minutes
2 Muscle-Ups
4 Handstand Push-Ups
8 Kettle bell Swings, 70#

My goals were to complete the WOD as prescribed, i.e., to not scale down, and to complete 10 rounds, as I thought I could manage 2 muscle-ups, 4 HSPUs, and 8 heavy KB swings every 2 minutes. As I don’t want to relive the 20 minutes or misery, I’ll merely provide highlights…

I easily completed the first 2 rounds of 2 muscle-ups unbroken, and was thus feeling rather cocky confident. I completed 1 muscle-up for the third round, and then failed on the second attempt. Huh? I dropped from the rings and attempted a muscle-up again…and again…and again. That’s 4 failed attempts! I thought, This is going to be awful. I’m going to end up spending much of my time just staring at the damn rings. I finally completed the second muscle-up. Uhm, and successfully completed all remaining rounds as 2, unbroken muscle-ups. I lost it, yes, but just during the third round. And. I. Know. Why. I’m not going to record the reason, but I do indeed know why. I’ll only tell those of you who ask.

For HSPUs, I placed 2, 45# plates by the wall and placed an Abmat between the plates, i.e., CrossFit Games style. As I often bruise the top of my head when completing HSPUs, this helped considerably. HSPUs were by far the most difficult of the 3 activities. I did, however, achieve a first in that I completed quite a few kipping HSPUs. This wasn’t, however, a conscious effort on my part. I just found myself with my head touching the mat and then while I was pressing with my arms my legs joined in. Good legs, good!

The most surprising part of the WOD was not only that I used a 70# kettle bell for the American kettle bell swings – the first time I’ve ever done so – but that I completed all rounds unbroken. How the hell did that happen?

I very seriously considered stopping after 10 minutes, as I was sweating profusely and was having a difficulty catching my breath after KB swings.

I completed 10 rounds + 2 muscle-ups + 3 HSPUs.

I then coached the 6am session, attended by Sandra, John, Lauren, AC, and Chad, and got to witness firsthand just how brutal this WOD was. About 10 minutes into the WOD, athletes were really suffering, and I could sense some were beginning to feel discouraged. I attempted to lighten the mood by interjecting what I hoped were humorous comments. “Rings, I’d like to introduce you to Chad. Chad, I’d like to introduce you to the rings.” “Lauren, it’s head to the mat, not hair to the mat.” “Lauren, don’t let the kettle bell swing you!” “John, why are you yawning? Is this WOD boring you?”

In all honesty, 6amers did an awesome job with a very challenging workout. Kudos to you all!


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