Five Met-Cons in 60 minutes!

My good friend nemesis, Michael Kelley, led today’s session, which consisted of 5, count them, 5 met-cons.

Met-con #1
While sitting on a 2’ box and using a 52# kettle bell and Lacrosse ball, I was “asked” to not speak for 4 minutes. I didn’t speak for 10 minutes. This was perhaps the most exhausting of the 5 met-cons.

Met-con #2 (Strength)
Low Bar Back Squat
10 w/Bar
10 @ 50% | 105#
10 @ 60% | 125#
8 @ 65% | 135#
6 @ 70% | 155#
6 @ 75% | 160#
6 @ 80% | 170#

For the first time ever, I completed true low bar back squats. Micheal Kelley ensured that I did so. I am very pleased with the depth of my squats. I recorded each round; however, the camera wasn’t set up correctly for the last (and quite possibly best) round. Here’s the round of 6 @ 160# ( I rested 1 minute between all sets except before the last set. (I rested 2 minutes. Sue me.) I was exhausted after this met-con.

Met-con #3 (Strength)
Barbell Bent over Row, 4×8, heaviest, rest 60 seconds
Front Squats, 4×5, work up to heaviest, rest 60 seconds
You will perform 8 BB BO Rows, rest 1 minute, perform 5 FSQ, rest 1 minute, repeat

I lifted 95# for round 1, 115# for rounds 2 and 3, and 125# for the last round of barbell bent over (Michael Kelley likes things bent over) rows. I lifted 125# for rounds 1 and 2, and 140# and 150# for rounds 3 and 4, respectively, for FS. I was yet again exhausted after this met-con.

Met-con #4
500m Row
I took it easy until the last 50m, and rowed 1:47. Even though it was a relatively easy row, I was nonetheless (you guessed it) exhausted. Uhm, Michael Kelley had stated 2-3 minutes rest between rowing and burpees on the website, yet we were allowed just over 1 minute. Exhausting, I tell you! I’m talking about the met-con and Michael Kelley. 

Met-con #5
AMRAP 3 Minutes: Burpees

I was only able to complete a mere 55 burpees. Why, you ask? Because I was freaking exhausted! Michael Kelley took my picture post met-con #5. Notice that he made sure to get a “revealing” shot.


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