CrossFit Zeal

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To show my support for my friend (*cough) Michael Kelley, I attended my first-ever session at CrossFit Zeal. I timed the trip, and it took me exactly 14 minutes door-to-door, albeit with little traffic. The commute through downtown Apex is never pleasant.

There was only one other person in attendance, Rachelle. Thus, Michael Kelley could spend much time observing my form (i.e., checking out my ass).

He first led us through a very good warmup with my favorite part being Spiderman™ crawls. He next reviewed proper form for pull-ups (uhm, I think I got that covered) and dumb bell presses.

(As an aside, I’m determined to not get back into the habit of running every day. After Saturday and yesterday’s runs, my hamstrings are incredibly tight and my calves are sore. Today’s WOD at CFD was OHS and “Helen”. As Helen includes 3, 400m runs, I was reluctant to attend. Not that I would have attended CFD instead of CFZ today. Just saying. I took Luke for a walk today, and not a run. He really wanted to run.)

4 rounds:
Max pull-ups
60-second rest (I don’t know why Michael Kelley didn’t just say, “Rest 1 minute”. Sheesh)
Max DB press

60-second rest

Michael Kelley informed us that all pull-ups would be of the dead-hang kind because, and I quote, “If you can’t do 5 dead-hang pull-ups than you shouldn’t be doing kipping pull-ups.”

Dear Michael Kelley,

I can do more than 5 dead-hang pull-ups.



Michael Kelley was kind enough to permanently loan me a pair of gymnastics grips, as my hands are calloused and I forgot my stone. I guess I owe him now. Yeah, right.

I did not record reps per round. My total was 34 pull-ups and 59, 30# (each hand) DB presses.

Metabolic Conditioning
3 rounds:
60-second row for calories (Again, why not 1 minute?)
30-second rest
60-second wall ball
30-second rest
60-second plank

30-second rest

I rowed 23, 20, and 20 calories, completed 22, 22, and 21 wall ball shots (20 lb wall ball, 10’ target), and held the plank for the entire minute – with a 25 lb plate on my back. My total was 308. I was pleased that the difference between my best (105) and worst (101) rounds was just 4 reps.

Rowing was by far the most exhausting activity, and perhaps I should’ve eased up on the rowing so as to potentially be able to complete more wall ball shots. The most wall ball shots I completed unbroken was just 10, although I did that all 3 rounds. I do very much like the 10’ targets (CFZ logos), as I could imagine a picture of Michael Kelley and hit him squarely in the face. Holding a plank with a 25 lb plate on my back (and I know Michael Kelley took pleasure placing it there, you know, so he could look at my ass) wasn’t the least bit challenging, and in retrospect I should’ve used at least a 35 lb plate.

Michael Kelley finished the day with hip flexor and neck stretches.

Uhm, as much as I hate to admit it, Michael Kelley did a very nice job. The programming and timing were excellent, and his direction was well founded and appropriate. Yes, I need to pull my body straight up to the bar and move my head out of the way instead of moving my head (and thus upper body) around the bar when completing dead-hang pull-ups. Yes, I need to tilt my hips back to avoid overarching my back when completing DB presses. I’m near perfect, but not yet perfect. Not yet. Pretty damn close, though.


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