Holla! (Dedicated to Chad)

Today’s endurance WOD was the benchmark “Death by 10 meters”, and Kim, Chad, and Stew attended. With a continuously running clock, sprint 10 meters the first minute (each time resting the remainder of the minute), 20 meters (down and back) the second, 30 the third, and repeat until you are unable to complete the number of 10 meter down and back efforts required for the round.

I got a bit of a workout myself, as I ran all but one of the rounds (more in a moment) with athletes, counting off each 10 meters complete and also giving finishing time. Chad informed me that he thought he could make it to 20, i.e., 200 meters. Uhm, that’s quite an accomplishment for anyone, and I’m confident Chad can accomplish this in the future. This was, however, the first time he had ever attempted the WOD, and as Marshall McLuhan say, “The map is not the territory.” Chad did a great job, and during the round of 15 through 17, I acted as his “rabbit”, running slightly faster than he did while providing direction and support. For the round of 18 I said, “Chad, you’re on your own.” It was his weakest round, but I told myself if he made it with at least 5 seconds of rest I’d run the round of 19 with him. He did make it and with just 5 seconds left. For his round of 19 I began by running ever so slightly faster than him, and then I picked up the pace. Unfortunately, he was unable to keep up, and was just a few feet away from the finish when I called time. Next time, Chad!

I attended the 10am session, and the focus was on practicing gymnastics skills. There’s been much of this as of late, which I always enjoy, but as both a coach and a participant I prefer more structure. I practiced muscle ups, front levers, vertical holds, headstands (YouTube link), and handstands.

Metabolic conditioning
For time:
Run 400m 800m
75 pushups
Run 400m 800m
75 Abmat sit-ups
Run 400m 800m

I went forth and back as to what I wanted to accomplish, contemplating increasing distance of runs, reps of pushups and sit-ups, and/or both. As the clock counted down, Troie joined me on the sidewalk across the street from CFD. Troie always likes to start the met-con with a race. Ha! When “Go!” was shouted, I immediately turned around and ran in the opposite direction toward Foster, having decided at the last minute to run 600m instead of 400m. Uhm, instead of turning at Briggs I kept running and instead took a left at Washington, i.e., the 800m loop. Thus, I ran 3 intervals of 800m. Oh, well, you can never run too far or too fast.

I completed the pushups in reps of 30, 10, and then the last 35 in reps of as many as 5 and as few as 2. I completed all sit-ups unbroken.

Time = 14:54.

About 16 or so attended the Community WOD. Today’s skill was kettle bell swings, and the WOD was 12, 11, 10…3, 2, 1 KB swings, Abmat sit-ups, and burpees with a 15-minute cutoff. Oh, how I love burpees!

Tomorrow is a rest day, but I will be coaching one session at 11am. The WOD? A 5K race! Yeah!



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