I didn’t set my alarm last night. Was this my subconscious telling me to sleep in at least one day during vacation? Alas, I did awaken at what must have been 4:09, the time my alarm first sounds, but I was so relieved that the alarm hadn’t sounded that I fell back into a light sleep – even though Meg and Zac were pawing at my arms and legs and walking all over my chest and stomach. I finally grabbed my iPhone and glanced at the time – 5:25. I thus took my time getting ready, thinking that I’d join the 7:15ers. I even stopped at McDonald’s and purchased an English muffin and a cup of coffee. Paleo Schmaleo.

When I arrived at CFD at 6:35, folks were just beginning the workout. I asked Coach S. if I could warm up on my own and join the group, and he (somewhat) graciously agreed. He teamed with Craig and Troie while Michelle and I set up our own benches and bars.

Today’s WOD was a benchmark.

5 rounds of the following:
Max rep bodyweight bench press
Max rep pull-ups
Rest as much time as needed between rounds

The last time I completed this workout was September 18, and I achieved a total score of 125.

Uhm, I didn’t really warm up all that much, merely completing a couple of bench presses with the bar and then 95 lb. I did, however, weigh myself, and I still can’t seem to break 143 lb. Thus, I put 143.6 lb on the bar. I completed 8, 8, 8, 6, and 5 bench presses for a total of 35. I completed 24, 24, 21, 18, and 18 pull-ups for a total of 105.

Bench pressing is a weakness. The fourth round was the most challenging, as I didn’t center the bar between my grip, and I kept having to bounce the bar up to try and get it balanced – which I was never able to do. I usually completed the last 5 or so pull-ups with a brief pause whilst hanging from the bar followed by a big kip. I also could’ve rested more between rounds, as my forearms and biceps were aching after the second round. Wah, wah. I sound like a big baby. Even though I won’t mention his name, you know whom I’m referring to. Hint: his ass is HUGE.

Total = 140. This is a 15-rep improvement, so I’m somewhat satisfied.


One thought on ““Lynne”

  1. Even a small improvement is an improvement! I bet if you had a little more time to wake up and warm up, you’ve would’ve done even better!

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