Canadian Swings

I once again coached the 6:15 session and attended the 7:15 session. Today’s skill was 20 minutes of gymnastics. I warmed up the 6:15ers with shoulder mobility and then kettle bell swing practice, focusing on keeping the elbows bent and using the hips. Here’s how it worked: athletes merely held the KB and lightly extended hips, and then on my count they exploded their hips three times. Why? To see how high the KB would go. Craig’s KB went so high that it went past vertical. “Craig,” I said, “that swing was so past American that it was Canadian.”

I spent most of my time during the 6:15 session with the lovely and delightful Meaghan and Michelle, both of whom did a wonderful job progressing on handstands and handstand pushups. Craig worked on dips, and Stew and Troie did what appeared to be weighted ring dips. Or line dancing. When it was my turn, I worked on headstands and vertical holds (both held for 2 minutes) as well as muscle ups. For the first time ever I completed a kipping muscle up from da flo! No more boxes for me.

13, 12, 11…3, 2, 1
Kettle bell swings (52/35, American or Russian)
10-minute cutoff

Stew was the only athlete from the 6:15 session to complete within 10 minutes, with a time of 9:44. Impressive. He and Troie both chose to do American KB swings. Speaking of Troie, he had but one burpee to go when time ran out. All of that line dancing must have exhausted him.

I thought carefully about my goals for this workout. First and foremost, I wanted to work continuously, i.e., to complete all rounds unbroken. Having watched the 6:15ers, I often observed resting at the top of the KB swing and between burpees. I decided, then, to complete Russian swings, as there most certainly would be no resting. I did, however, use a 55 lb KB. In addition, I decided to rest no more than 2 seconds when transitioning from swings to burpees and/or from burpees to swings.

This was quite a challenging workout. I did complete all reps unbroken, and I rested no more than 2 seconds when transitioning. KB swings seemed easy – compared to burpees!

About those burpees… For just about every round I was at my most exhausted and most tempted to stop and rest when I was completing the second to the last burpee, e.g., the 12th of the round of 13, the 8th of the round of 9, and even the 2nd of the round of 3.

I completed the workout in 8:15. Thanks, Doug, for your coaching and support!



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