Night & Day

Coach S. led today’s session, and there were but four of us in attendance: yours truly, Holly, David, and Jacqui. After leading us through a warmup and review of proper form, we moved to today’s strength.

Front Squat

My current FS 1RM is 200; thus, I set my goal at 175, i.e., 87% of 1RM. I warmed up with 75 and 95, and then did 3 reps of 115 and 135, and I asked Coach S. to observe lifts at 135. Afterwards he said, “Night and day between now and when you first started CrossFit.” I replied, “It’s because I can now squat below parallel.” Coach S. said, “And you’re not afraid of heavier weights.”

They may not be entirely true, as I’ll readily admit (as I often do on this blog) to being frightened of heavier weights. The fear isn’t paralyzing, but I can be somewhat debilitating.

Anyhow, back to the lifts… Front squatting 155 became a bit more challenging, particularly on the wrists, but the lifts were nonetheless successful. I put 20 more lb on the bar, and determined that even though it was the fourth set, as it was 87% of 1RM it would be my last set. Upon reviewing, I am pleased with how deeply I’m squatting and how I am much better able to keep my elbows up. Yup, night and day. You be the judge (link to YouTube). Coach S. once again observed and gave direction, and then said, “Do another set. Put fives on.” I does what I’s is tolds.

For a slight change of pace, I’ll record my self-talk in italics. I rolled the bar to the front of the rack. Two fingers; no more no less. It’s not that heavy. Rest the bar on the shelf. Damn, my wrists hurt. I squatted. Don’t rise until you feel like you’ve gone past parallel. Drive, drive, drive. I squatted a second time. Damn, this is feeling heavy. Up, up, up, up, up! Whew, that was close. Uhm, you’re probably not going to get this last lift. It’s okay if you fail, just be sure to drop the bar and jump back. Frack, I’m out of breath. How does that happen? I squatted. Drive, drive, drive! You’re almost there. Up, up, up, up! I’m suddenly very dizzy.

Front squat 3×185 – a new PR (link to YouTube!

5 rounds for time
Row 250m
6 Turkish get-ups (3 each arm)
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

I estimated that this would take more than 20 minutes total, and I was right. Yet again. My goal was to row in the 30s for strokes/minute, and to row each 250m slightly faster than the previous round. My second goal was to focus on form for TGU; thus, I used a 35 lb kettle bell. I achieved both goals.

While I didn’t record specific times for 250m (and the computer on the rower was acting funky), I nonetheless know that I rowed all 250m in less than 50 seconds, and the last 250m in about 37 seconds. I increased s/m, beginning with 32 for first 250m and ending with 41 for last 250m. My splits were 3:02, 3:01 (8:03), 2:58 (13:01), 3:02 (18:03), and 2:38 (22:41) for a total 14:41.

Holly had been taking my name (as she was kicking my ass) for the first four rounds, and I at least wanted to give her a run for her money. I called time just 1 second ahead of her! It’s friendly competition, so don’t starting hating in me for taking pride in beating a woman. And, Holly is an excellent rower.

I weighed myself after the workout, and I’m still just below 143 lb. Uhm, most people gain weight during the holidays. WTF (What the Frack?)


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