For whatever reason(s), I feel incredibly weak, tight, and/or sore after a day of rest. Uhm, I rested yesterday. I also have some neck mobility issues due to Luke sleeping with his head on the left side of my chest (over my heart, of course!, Zac sleeping on the right side of my chest, and Meg sleeping on my stomach. As I don’t normally sleep on my back (I’m most definitely a side sleeper), I think this may very well be the cause. You think?

Jack led us through a brief warm up and then we began to work on today’s skill, the push press.

Push Press

Jack reminded us to push press and not jerk, and suggested that if our heels rose we should think about immediately placing our heels on the ground. Good suggestion, Jack.

I warmed up with 75 and 85, and lifted 3 reps of 95, 105, 115, and 125. Jack observed lifts of 125 and confirmed that I was not jerking. He did remind me to be “less purposeful” (my words) and to “just do it” (Nike’s tag line).

Perfect Form Kristen was working beside me. I had yet another existential moment, and I said to Kristen, “Do you ever have mornings where you wonder why you’re here? I’m a 48-year-old man. I wake up at about 4 o’clock each morning and I’m at CrossFit by 6. Why? To lift heavy weights above my head. Maybe I should be doing something else instead.” Kristen had no response.

I put 135 on the bar and was convinced that I would not be able to successfully push press that weight 3 times. I asked Jack to observe. I did indeed push press 3 reps of 135 – as just about everyone in the box watched. Jack said, “The first two looked almost too easy.” I asked, “Should I try my 145, my bodyweight and current 1 rep maximum?” Jack of course replied, “Yes.”

I put 145 on the bar and push pressed it once, and then got the bar to about top-of-my-head level – and dropped it. I was so pleased to get 145 above my head that, in my excitement, I didn’t focus and set up for the next lift. Oh, well, live and learn. I contemplated attempting again, but instead set up the rings to try one-arm ring extensions. I was able to successfully complete 2 rounds of 5 extensions each arm, but it was tough! I then attempted, for the first time in my adult life, backward rolls. Fun, yet a cause of my dizziness.

Perform 10 rounds:
One minute to complete 3 reps of push press at 75% of your three rep max, then max rep toes to bar in the remaining part of the minute.
Rest 30 seconds between rounds.

As I had just determined new 3RM push press, I did the math (that’s a lie) and determined that I should push press 95 lb. Uhm, that weight was too low, and I should’ve push pressed 101. For whatever reason, I thought that we were supposed to lift 70% of 3RM. I need to redo this workout. I also need to make sure I use a calculator and not rely on the kindness of strangers for all things math-related.

Nonetheless, this was a challenging workout. I quickly completed 3 reps at the top of each round, and Ashley D. and I were usually if not always the first to drop our bars. My strategy for toes to bar was to drop from the bar when Jack let us know we had 30 seconds left in the round, shake out my shoulders, chalk my hands, and finish the round – without dropping from the bar (if possible). As I also want to continue to develop core strength, I performed all toes to bar from a dead-hang position – no kipping for yours truly!

I completed 19, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 12, 12, 12, and 12 reps of toes to bar. The first 3 rounds were unbroken, i.e., I didn’t drop from the bar. I dropped from the bar with 30 and again with 15 seconds remaining for the last 2 rounds. I thought for sure that I’d be only able to complete 10 toes to bar the seventh round. When I was able to complete 12 I set that number as my goal for remaining rounds.

This was tough, and I almost took off my shirt. After the fourth round I yelled, “Kristen, remind me why I’m here?” She exclaimed, “Because you’re enjoying yourself!” After the seventh round I said, “Kristen, this is tough. I don’t think I’m enjoying this.” If truth be told I most certainly was. 132 toes to bar total.


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