Are you calling me a woman?

I love hill repeats. Endurance athletes did 20 minutes of hill repeats, first running uphill and downhill and recovering uphill, and then running downhill and uphill and recovering downhill.

Dave led the 10am session. I hate Dave, but not as much as I hate Michael Kelley. We were first told to partner up, and for the males to use a 20 lb medicine ball. I asked, “Dave, what if I’m partnering with a woman?” Ollie replied, “Are you calling me a woman?” It was then that I noticed that he and I were the only 2 males participating in the medicine ball workout. Michael Kelley was there, but he is hardly a man and was working on back squats or something silly like that. He left the bar on the rack and must do 45 burpees as a penalty. We did partner medicine ball throws, then squat and throw, then clean and throw, and then burpee/clean and throw. Ollie is strong and I’m smart. And I’m strong.

We completed today’s met-con outside – and what a beautiful day it was!

20-minute AMRAP of the following:
Run .2 mile carrying 40 lb sandbag
50 sledgehammer tire hits
50 air squats

Uhm, this is my kind of workout! I carried sandbag across shoulders for first round and on left shoulder until turnaround and right shoulder on the way back for remaining rounds. I completed all sledgehammer hits unbroken. I switched hands after each hit for first round, but then sped up the pace by completing 25 with right and then 25 with left hand for remaining rounds. I completed first round of air squats unbroken and remaining rounds in reps of 40 and 10.

I completed a total of 4 rounds + .2 mile run + 39 sledgehammer hits. I didn’t want this met-con to end. Alas, it did.

I led the Community WOD, and there were about 15 in attendance. My mother observed. This was the first time I’ve done a chipper WOD, so I didn’t know what to expect.

14-minute cut off
20 pull-ups
30 pushups
40 box jumps
50 air squats
60 kettle bell swings
Run 400m

A few completed within 14 minutes, so I had them start in reverse. James made it through 15 air squats.

One thought on “Are you calling me a woman?

  1. I saw the Facebook photos on this one. Looked like a lot of fun. It’s one of those WODs where I giggle to myself speculating what passers by and neighboring folk think to themselves as they see us. “What are those lunatics doing out there?”

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