Nothing clean about that jerk.

Dave led today’s session, and I’m growing to hate him more and more with each passing day. Ha! Today’s WOD was a “painstorm” from an affiliate CF.

For time:
1 ground to overhead @ bodyweight for each year you are old (145 lb, 47 reps)
(100 – your age)*10 reps double unders (530 dus)

In other words, one could power snatch, clean and press, clean and push press, and/or clean & jerk – as long as the bar went from the ground to overhead. I decided to clean & jerk. I did, however, complete all power cleans, with nary a squat in sight. No, this wasn’t my intention. My current 1RM for clean & jerk is 160; thus I knew 47 reps of 145 lb wasn’t going to be a possibility. I had decided to lift 115, a little more than 70% of 1RM. I did, however, begin with 145 on the bar. As soon as the clock started I attempted to clean and immediately dropped the bar. I dropped the 2, 15 lb plates from the ends of the bar and lifted 115 lb. I lifted 115 lb 47 times.

My only strategy was to clean & jerk until just prior to muscle failure, do double unders until I failed, lather, rinse, repeat.

When all was said in done I did clean & jerks in 8 rounds of 5 reps and the last round in 7 reps. I won’t say it wasn’t a struggle. Dave reminded me on more than one occasion to start with my feet closer together and to open my hips.

I recorded double unders as 25, 72, 101, 127, 150, 215, 250, 275, 310, 350, 375, 405, 445, 472, and 512 – just 18 shy or 540. Damn it! I did, however, count only successes, i.e., attempts were counted. I remember counting “117” about 5 times before I succeeded. For the most part, however, I was able to string quite a few dus together.

In retrospect, I should’ve worried less about clean & jerk and focused on completing more reps of dus from the start. I also took far too many leisurely strolls to the water fountain, and should’ve instead had water with me. I also, as usual, engaged in too much talk. After completing about 10 clean & jerks, I said to Dave, “I think I’m going to put 2, 5 lb plates on the ends of the bar.” Dave replied, “Why? 115 is enough. You have how many reps left? 40 or so? That’s a lot of reps.” I said, “I hate you.”

I was completing my 5th round of 5 at the halfway point, and I had only completed 215 dus. I knew I had much ground to cover, and I was less than confident that I could do so.

This was perhaps one of the most grueling workouts I’ve completed to date. It was also one of the most fun. I think that there’s something seriously wrong with me. Seriously.

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