Front Lever Progress

I usually don’t attend a CFD session on Wednesday, but as I took a much needed rest day yesterday I did indeed attend today. I had originally planned on attending the 7:15 session, but as I was awake at 4am I joined my fellow 6:15ers, including the always lovely Renee, Kristen (with her mother in tow), Drew (aka Punky) and others, including Lori. Yes, Lori! What a delightful surprise.

After a yoga warm up (boring, boring, boring), we worked on the rings. I practiced vertical holds, back lever, and skin the cat. As I was completing a round of skin the cats, Alison entered the box and gave some very helpful pointers. (More about Alison in a moment…)

6 rounds for time of the following:
10 power cleans (95/135)
10 ball slams
10 toes to bar

I was not present for most of the demo regarding the ball slams, but I did review the video that Dave posted. We were told to not worry about catching the ball on the first bounce. Hmmm…

We were told to scale the power cleans as we would be doing 60, and were encouraged to lift 60 to 70% of our 1RM. My 1RM for a full squat clean is a mere 155lb and for a power cleans is 135; thus between 81 and 108 lb. I decided to lift 95 lb but mistakenly put 115 on the bar, i.e., 2, 35 lb plates. Just before the met-con Renee was kind enough to help me replace the 35 lb plates with 2, 25 and 2, 10 lb plates – just in case I needed to lower the weight.

My goals were to make sure the bar rested on my deltoids and that my elbows were raised (in addition, of course, to popping my hips, not using my arms to lift, etc.) and to do all rounds of T2B unbroken. I knew, however, that this wasn’t going to be a fast met-con, as the power cleans were sure to slow me down.

And slow me down the power cleans did. In fact, I was the very last person to complete the first round of power cleans and was one of the last people to finish the met-con. And for this I am very proud.

I completed the first 4 rounds of power cleans unbroken and the last two rounds in reps of 6 and 4.

After completing the first round of ball slams incorrectly, i.e., not catching the ball after the first bounce, I ignored (what little I received) direction and focused on dropping very fast into a squat and quickly catching the ball. I am very pleased to say that I did just that for the last 5 rounds. I did, however, have to break the last round into reps of 6 and 4.

I completed the first five rounds of T2B unbroken and could’ve finished the last round if my sweaty hands hadn’t slipped from the damn bar. I quickly chalked and completed the last 5 reps on a non-Kenny bar. Time 15:14.

I very much want to improve my ring work. As Alison is a former gymnast (and thus very skilled at all things gymnastic) I asked if I could join the 7:15ers for just the ring work and she was kind enough to allow me to do so. She led us through an awesome warm up focusing on shoulders and mobility. Most importantly (and selfishly) she gave me some great pointers for skinning the cat, the back lever, and the front lever. Here is proof. Thanks, Alison!

Skinning the Cat

Front Lever

2 thoughts on “Front Lever Progress

  1. Am I wrong or do ball slams seem like good practice/training for working on dropping beneath the bar in snatches? I felt like I was really getting down into that squat quickly today. Of course, the big contradiction being with ball slams everything’s going in one direction at a time, instead of opposite directions.

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