I might rest tomorrow. I’m not kidding. I might actually take off a day.

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Nick and Chad were the only two in attendance at this morning’s endurance WOD. I imagine that many thought we would be running outside in the cold, miserable rain, but we rowed instead. So, there! Nick and Chad completed the benchmark rowing WOD of rowing maximum distance in 30 minutes; truly a challenging workout, and one of my favorites. We had warmed up with jumping rope, and I could tell then that I was going to be in trouble later…

Dave led the 10am session, and the focus was on the… I’m not quite sure. Dave did have us practice single unders, sprints, and double unders, and we then completed a variety of kettle bell swings. My favorite activity was being beside Amy Scott. She makes me want to dance, so I did.

3 rounds for time:
60 double unders
40 Abmat sit-ups
20 pull-ups

This was pretty miserable, as I was unable to string together double unders. Ugh. I did complete all sit-ups unbroken as well as the first round of pull-ups. I completed the second round of pull-ups in reps of 12, 6, and 2, and the last rounds in reps of 16, 2, and 2. I did not, however, drop from the bar on the last round, and for that I’m proud.

My running shorts ran up my ass whilst completing sit-ups, but as I was stationed far away from the pull-up bar, I had plenty of time to pull them down before I did pull-ups. I do fear, however, that quite a few people got a look at my junk. You know who you are, so I won’t mention any names. You’re welcome.

I completed the met-con in 10:34. Unlike some people, I did not yell “Time!” at the top of my lungs. Because I’m not pompous, like some people I know.

I coached the 11am Community WOD, and there were 18 in attendance. Jeff commented that I’m drawing a “younger” crowd. Ha! Jeff requested pull-ups, and as there were so many in attendance we completed a partner WOD – that included pull-ups. We first focused on flexibility, specifically the hip flexors. We then reviewed proper form for squats, jumping air squats, pushups, Abmat sit-ups, kettle bell deadlifts, and pull-ups. I first had attendees make four lines, two for men and two for women, and observed each person do at least one pull-up or attempt a pull-up. Based upon their performance, I selected their partner, so that teammates could use the same band if needed. The WOD was a 16-minute AMRAP of 7 pushups, pull-ups, Abmat sit-ups, jumping air squats, and KB deadlifts, with partners alternating rounds.



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