Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the press. Not including warmup, 25 presses. That’s many presses.

Most everyone welcomed me back from vacation, and had questions about our biking excursion. Just about everyone said that biking 130 miles in 3 days wasn’t her/his idea of a relaxing vacation. I have both a sun- and wind-burned face and also have a “biker’s” tan, i.e., a distinguished tan line just above my biceps.
Craig: Why do you have a farmer’s tan?
Me: It’s not a farmer’s tan; it’s a rider’s tan.
Craig: Okay, but why do you have a farmer’s tan?
Me: Uhm, because I went biking the past 4 days.
Craig: I know, but I’ll still ask: why do you have a farmer’s tan? Why didn’t you tear off your shirt and bike shirtless? I know that’s what I would do if I were as ripped as you.
Me: Craig, you know that I only take my shirt off as an act of desperation. Besides, so many people who shouldn’t take off their shirts do, I’m trying to even things out. My mother always used to ask my father whom he was voting for, and then she would tell him that she was voting for the opposing candidate – just to cancel his vote. I’m cancelling Troie going shirtless.
Craig: I used to get so anxious as a kid when we played shirts and skins, because I never wanted to be on the skins.
Me: I used to get so anxious when I tried out for band, as I wanted to be first chair, first clarinet. Fortunately for me, I was so talented that I was always first chair, first clarinet.

I successfully pressed, unbroken, 90, 95, 100, 105, & 110 lbs. The weight started to feel mighty heavy by the last round.

30 back squat (225 lb)
Row 1000m

Uhm, I’m not going to BS 225 lb, as that’s 5 lb more than my current 1RM. Jack informed us that we should BS 65% of our 1RM, and for me that’s just a little less than my bodyweight, so I used 145, i.e., my bw. I warmed up and thought, “Perhaps I actually did get some exercise these past 3 days, as my legs feel very, very tired.”

I completed BS in reps of 15, 9, and 6, and in less than 2 minutes. I failed to set-up the flexfoot on the rower, and wasted valuable time doing so. Max said something like, “Way to stall for time, Paul.” Audrey, tell your man to shut his pie hole. I rowed 1000m in 3:48, averaging 30 s/m, which was my goal.

Craig was on a rower beside me, and Jack kept encouraging and directing him (all the while ignoring me). Try as I might to not pay attention, I couldn’t help but overhear Jack say, “You’ve got 100m left!” at just about the time I had also 100m left. My seldom-seen competitive side emerged, and I increased s/m and finished strong – in a time of 6:07, and one full second faster than Craig.

Max keeps telling me I should row as a lightweight. Ha! 

I then had the honor of coaching the 7:15 session, with visitor Steve, Irina, and Jayme in attendance. Nice job, athletes!

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