Biking to Ocracoke

Jeff & I traveled to Beaufort, NC yesterday to begin our biking vacation, and on the way passed CrossFit Carteret. Under my breath I said, “I wonder if they have a 6am session tomorrow.” Jeff replied, “I’m sure you’ll be there if they do.” 

Jeff knows me oh, so well. 

I attended the 6am session, led by owners Todd & Rhonda, and attended by 3 others. We warmed up with pushups, Abmat sit-ups, OHS with PVC pipe, and double unders. 

The skill was the press, and I lifted 3 reps of 105, 115, and 125. 

Kettle bell snatches left then right arm

I used a 35 lb kb. Until 1 master the KB snatch, I ain’t goin’ heavy. One of the women asked Todd about KB snatches, and (as I mentioned that I had gone to cert) he asked me to assist. I demonstrated the “hand through” technique. 

My goal was to do all rounds unbroken. I did so in a time of 4:41. 

Our shuttle to the start of our biking tour was delayed numerous times due to Cathy’s (name changed) irritable bowels. We get on the van, she’d excuse herself, we’d get out of the van for yet another group photo. We’d get on the van, Cathy would once again say she wasn’t quite ready, and we’d wait yet again. Ugh. 

We biked from Smryna to the Cedar Island Ferry Terminal. Jeff and I chose to bike the maximum distance of 38 miles. The day was slightly overcast and the temperature was in the low 70s — perfect weather! Six of the miles were particularly challenging, as we rode across a marsh and the was a very strong headwind. A great day of biking!

Cathy’s biking partner, Stephanie (name changed) didn’t realize that we had added a loop and miles, and we came upon her unexpectedly when she was off of her bike and beside the road. Suffice it to say that we caught her with her pants down. 

I napped for about an hour during the 2.5 hour ferry ride, and it was good. 

Kayaking was cancelled due to high winds. Tomorrow is a 52-mile bike ride! 

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