No rest for the weary

Yeah, yeah, I need a rest day, and I’m not keeping the promise I made to myself regarding 3 days on and 1 day off. Unlike most people, when I am awake I cannot make myself go back to sleep. I was wide awake at 3:50—a full 19 minutes before my alarm was to sound.

Luke has quickly adjusted to his surroundings, and appears to very much like his new cushioned bad. I had to awaken him, and he was very happy to see me! I enjoy slobbery kisses. As I was awake so early, I had an extra half hour to play with him after we went for our morning walk. This might be my new morning routine!

I still had my regularly-schedule morning cry on my way to CrossFit. I’ve decided that I should become an actor, as I can now cry on command. I merely need to picture Xander to do so.

Jack! (exclamation point intentional) led today’s session, and the skill was the press. I set up a rack and once again went solo. (I did, however, get to observe Brandon, Griff, and Troie “encouraging” each other. I’ll say this once again: if they were much, much better looking, it would make for some really good gay porn.) We were to lift 5 rounds of 3, but I mistakenly thought it was 4 rounds. I love math. I confirmed with Jack that our last round should be 80% of 1RM. My current 1RM is 135 lb. I lifted 3 reps of 75, 85, 100, and 115 lb. I focused on keeping my elbows up, resting the bar on the “shelf”, tightening my abs and my ass, taking a deep breath and holding through lift, lifting the bar straight up, and putting my head through the “window”. Paralysis by analysis? Not really, as these habits are becoming second nature to me now.

I asked Jack to observe the last round, and asked Kristen to record. I was pleased that Jack said my form was good. I let him know that I had completed 4 instead of 5 rounds, and he let me know that my reps of 75 and 85 should’ve been warmup lifts. I asked, “Should I attempt a few more lifts at a heavier weight?” Jack said, “Yes, but don’t go much heavier. Just put another 5 lbs on the bar and do 2 instead of 3 reps.” I did just that, and Jack once again observed as I pressed 120 lbs 2 times.

Can I press my current bodyweight just one time? That’s my goal.

10 rounds:
3 power snatches (115)
3 burpees

As I’m still working on form, I knew I wasn’t going to go heavy for the power snatches. I warmed up with 75 lb, and told Jack that that was the weight I was going with. Jack, in all his wiliness, said, “Put 5 lbs on both ends of the bar.” I does what I’s tolds.

Uhm, I truly enjoyed this met-con, and this came as a shock to me. Why did I enjoy it? First, it was a challenge given that it included power snatches. Second, it was a met-con where there was no excuse to not do all rounds unbroken. Third, I’ve really begun to enjoy being cheered for—if it’s not Griff who’s doing the cheering.

I took my time with the power snatches, ensuring that I was set-up before I lifted. After the third round, Jack reminded me to place my feet closer together. I did so for the remaining rounds, and my lifts were much better.

Time 6:17

3 thoughts on “No rest for the weary

  1. I meant to ask this morning, but it escaped me. Is it a standard expectation/practice that on a morning like this where the sets were 3 round each, we should target 80% of our 1RM? Or is it more individualized. I guess I’m looking for a rule of thumb or guideline to help me define my daily goals as I approach a WOD.

    Understanding of course we need to take in additional factors like previous workouts and generally listening to our bodies into consideration. But I’ve wondered some days, “OK, if I can lift X lbs for this exercise, one time, what should my target goal be for a 3 rep set?” Just curious. Thanks

  2. Paul K., as a general guideline, yes, for rounds of 3 reps I genenarlly aim for 80 to 85% of 1RM, for rounds of reps of 2 85 to 95%.

    It’s always a good idea to ask the coach, too!

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