Push Jerk, Box Jumps, DB Power Cleans, Pull-ups

I knew going into this that it wasn’t going to be an easy day, either emotionally or physically. I had to nonetheless attempt a WOD, and in retrospect I’m glad I chose today.

Coach S. led the session, and there were but 4 others in attendance, including Troie, Griff, and Kristen. The focus was on the push jerk, and Coach S. first led us through a very effective warmup using just a 45 lb bar. How did I know I was feeling weak? Because the 45 lb bar felt heavy. (I also haven’t been consuming nearly enough calories, probably averaging a 1/3 of what I normally consume. I’ve had to force myself to eat, if for no other reason that to take my antibiotic. Two more days of Amoxicillin and can finally have a beer.)
Push Jerk

I decided to go to failure and then call it a day. I lifted 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, and then failed on attempt at 145. Coach S. said that I was dropping under the bar quickly, and this was quite a compliment. I coulda shoulda tried a second attempt at 145 (no longer even my bodyweight), but I just didn’t have it in me. It was all that I could do to hold it together, and I accomplished this by avoiding eye contact with everyone.

Box jumps (30”)
Dumb bell power cleans (40 lb)

I had every intention of completing as prescribed. I couldn’t find a pair of 40 lb dumb bells, so I grabbed a pair of 35 lb instead. In all honesty, I didn’t look that hard because I really didn’t care. There, I said it.

I placed a 35 and a 45 lb plate on my very own 24” box and the met-con began.

I took my time with everything today, and I made sure to record each and every round. Box jumps presented no problem, and I did all unbroken, although I did not jump to the top of the box when my feet touched the ground. I completed all rounds of DB power cleans unbroken, and these were far too easy. If anything, I should’ve gone heavier than even 40 lb. I tried something new with pull-ups today, and it’s a technique I’ll continue to use in the future. First, I was able to complete rounds of 10, 9, 8, and 7 as well as (as should be expected) 3, 2, and 1 unbroken. For rounds of 6, 5, and 4, I made sure to not drop from the bar, but instead add a kip before attempting last pull-up or 2. This helped dramatically, and I can confidently say that my chin was above the bar for all pull-ups.

I didn’t even bother to call time, and I asked Coach S. to not record on the whiteboard (and he was kind enough to not do so). I completed the met-con in 10:44.
I’m still grieving the loss of Xander, and will continue to be doing so for the unforeseeable future. I’ll try not to talk about it too much on this blog. Do keep in mind that the purpose of this blog is for me to record not just CrossFit but other goings on in my life so that when I’m old(er) I’ll be better able to recall.

Here is one of my most fond memories of Xander…

As he was a wild dog, literally, when we got him, we crate-trained him. I would allow him to get in the bed with us and spend some time with him before we went to sleep, and then he would obediently get in his crate to spend the night. Before falling asleep one night I said to Jeff, “Tonight’s the night. I’m going to allow him to spend the night with us in bed. If he makes it to the morning, I’ll know he can do it from now on.” Well, he did make it through the night. When the sun came up, he realized that it was morning and that he had indeed spent the night by my side. He climbed on my chest, licked my face, and wagged his tail vigorously as if to say, “Look Dad, I’m a good boy! A very good boy!” I told him he was, and I made sure he watched as I folded up the crate and stored it in the garage. He was an exceptionally well-behaved dog. My nickname for him was “Daddy’s precious angel sent from heaven to his doorstop”.

2 thoughts on “Push Jerk, Box Jumps, DB Power Cleans, Pull-ups

  1. Paul,
    I’m so sorry for the sudden loss of your friend. I thought that you didn’t seem quite like yourself this morning and I certainly understand why. Hang in there.

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