Slow & steady & smart

I feel better, but nonetheless had a difficult time getting restful sleep due to a hacking cough. I knew to take it easy today. See, I do listen to myself sometimes!

20 toes to bar
30 thrusters (95/65)
40 burpees
50 box jumps (24/20)
Run 800m

For  whatever reason, I was very much dreading this WOD, mostly due to thrusters. My goals were to do T2B, burpees, and box jumps unbroken, and to complete thrusters Rx and, most importantly, with proper form. I also wanted to make sure that at no point during the WOD would I feel the need to rest for more than 5 seconds — the most challenging of my goals.

T2B went bar far too quickly, and I actually wished that there had been more. I would have gladly done 100 or more T2B if it meant less thrusters. Ninety-five pounds is 65% of my bodyweight. I completed thrusters in reps of 9 and then between 3 and 1. Yes, 1. This meant that I cleaned the bar at least a d0zen times. Talk about a time killer. I did not, however, walk away from nor did I wait more than 5 seconds before picking up the bar. I can also say that my form was (finally) good. I considered each burpee an individual rep, and completed them the slowest that I have ever done so. I did not, however, have to rest more than 2 seconds between reps. The box jumps went surprisingly well, and I’ve become much more confident in completing them in quick succession and only resting (if need be) on the top of the box. I completed the WOD in 15:46. This certainly wasn’t a fast time, but I’m proud for not overexerting myself. Faithful reader(s) will know that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

I then coached the 10am and 11am sessions, and (as usual) there were quite a few in attendance. As there was no scheduled skill today, I took a different approach. CFers first lined up single file and performed 2 somersaults, held a squat, and did a bear craw. They then ran 200m on the minute for 2 minutes, resting for whatever time they had left after running first 200m. For 2 minutes CFers then completed 2 box jumps every 10 seconds, focusing on resting at top of box and jumping as soon as feet touched the floor. I then led the groups through 6-count burpees. Fun, fun, fun! Next, men used a 45 lb bar and women used a lighter bar or PVC pipe and — you guessed it — for 2 minutes did 2 thrusters every 10 seconds. The 10 am session set up their equipment and then practiced T2B while the 11 am session completed 2 T2B every 10 seconds for — you guessed it once again — for 2 minutes.

CFers, I’m always open to your feedback. Was this approach beneficial? Did you feel properly warmed up for WOD? Was it too much, i.e., did it take away from the WOD?

I carefully observed athletes, and I offered a challenge for those who looked strong throughout the WOD. I asked, “Are you up for a challenge?” If they said “Yes” I told them to do an additional 20 T2B and 30 burpees. Jack, Jed, and Kristen P. were the only 3 who completed the challenge, although I offered the challenge to a few other folks from the 10am session.

Most folks in the 11am session struggled mightily with the WOD, and I didn’t have the heart to challenge any of them.

I liked that both sessions finished with enough time left to stretch and cool down.


One thought on “Slow & steady & smart

  1. I liked the warm up. The only change I would make is not doing 2 mins of light thrusters, but instead working up in weight. I would have liked to do a few thrusters with the bar, then another 2-3 warm up sets with increasing weights until I was at the weight I would use for the WOD. My first 60# thruster during the WOD was unwieldy because I didn’t keep my core tight. I didn’t have to practice that when I was doing 15# warm ups because the 15# wasn’t going to fall on my head if I didn’t have a tight core. Doing a few thrusters, like any lift, at lighter weights (45#, 55#) would have prepared me better for the WOD.

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