I am feeling much better, but certainly not yet 100% healthy. I do, however, feel even better after having exercised. Note dear faithful reader(s) that I did indeed rest yesterday. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

I coached the 9am endurance WOD, and there were quite a few in attendance, including Kim C., Sarah and Ollie (Sarah being my favorite Glass), friends Brandon and Josh, and Nemo. We began with mobility, focusing on the IT band, and then completed running drills facing toward and away from the wall. I had originally scheduled a 10-minute fartlek and an 18-minute “Native American” run, but as there were so many newbies, I spent more time on drills and nixed the fartlek. For a change of pace, for the 20-minute “Native American” run we ran around the old Durham Bulls Athletic Park in clockwise and counterclockwise directions each rep. I made sure to carefully observe form and offer suggestions throughout. We also talked about racing strategy and telltale signs that someone has dropped off of the tail end. We finished the workout with the same drills we had done earlier, as well as stretching.

As I knew I didn’t want to either kill myself or slow down others, I did the team WOD solo and modified. As prescribed:

AMRAP in 30 minutes
In teams of 2 with one partner working at a time in 3 minute intervals, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:
20 pull-ups
30 pushups
40 Abmat sit-ups
50 air squats

Pick up where your partner leads off in each round – i.e., if you finish your 39th squat at the conclusion of the three minutes, your partner will begin with the 40th rep, and then roll immediately into pull-ups after the 50th squat.

I completed the following instead:
7 rounds AFAP of:
10 pull-ups
15 pushups
20 Abmat sit-ups
25 air squats

My goals were to complete all actions unbroken, i.e., 10 pull-ups, 15 pushups, 20 Abmat sit-ups, and 25 air squats in succession, and to complete 7 rounds in 20 minutes or less. I was shocked, I tell you, shocked that I met both goals, completing 7 rounds in 19:46 and all actions unbroken. I made sure to rest between rounds and often between actions. The most difficult action was the sit-ups. Huh? Not quite sure why. I thought for sure that I’d have to break up the pull-ups and pushups, but I felt very strong today. Again, I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it was because Michael Kelley continuously looked in my direction with loving eyes. Perhaps…

I finished the day by leading the Community WOD, and there were 16 in attendance. Today’s skills were the kettle bell dead-lift and the 6-count burpee. The WOD was a 12-minute AMRAP of 6 burpees, 6 box jumps, 6 KB dead-lifts, and 18 air squats. People completed between 4 and 7+ rounds. Jeff said it was a hard workout. I certainly programmed it to be intense!

Pictures of me taken at Jordan Lake by my good friend (and favorite Yaxley) Bea.

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One thought on “Babs

  1. Paul thanks for the great coaching. I swear my running for will get better (and faster)??!! The tips and encouragement throughout the hour are awesome and really male a difference.

    And btw- nice work to you on doing the partner wod solo!

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