Jack led today’s session, and the focus was on the press – and Troie. More in a moment…


There were only 7 or so in attendance (and Griff doesn’t count), so I had a platform to myself. I warmed up with 45 and then 65 lb. I then pressed 95, 105, 110, and 115 lb. I went heavy (probably too heavy) for last round, attempting to lift 125. I failed on first attempt, completed next 2 attempts, and failed on final attempt.

Young Nick was to my left, and Troie was to his left. I have taken it upon myself to tease Troie about his relationship with Kristen.

Me: How much did you just press, Troie?
Troie: 105 pounds.
Me: That’s the same weight I just lifted.
Jack: Paul’s going to look at your weight and add just a little bit more.
Troie: Yes, Paul always has a little bit more.
Me: That’s what Kristen says, too.

 Jack was kind enough to allow me to make up Monday’s WOD, although I modified it somewhat.

Metabolic Conditioning
5 rounds for time of the following:
Run 200m
25 box jumps (24”)
25 Abmat sit-ups

As I wanted a met-con that lasted at least 20 minutes, I went all Rx++ on this bitch.

5 rounds for time of the following:
Run 400m
25 box jumps (24”)
25 GHD sit-ups

Griff informed me that he had completed the met-con Rx+, having done GHD sit-ups, in a time of 21 minutes and change. While I knew it would be unlikely that I’d beat his time, I most certainly wanted to come close to doing so.

Running is always a pleasure, and today was no different. It was, however, quite difficult to get fast leg turnover after the first round. The box jumps were the most challenging of this met-con, as I’m still working on form, i.e., brief pause at the top of the box with a jump as soon as feet touch the ground. There were quite a few times, I’m happy to report, that I was able to string as many as 10 box jumps together. I completed GHD sit-ups unbroken for the first two rounds, in reps of 10, 10, and 5 for the third and fourth rounds, and 10, 8, and 7 for the last round.

While completing GHD sit-ups during the third round, Jack stopped by for a chat. I gasped, “I may only do four rounds.” He replied, “That seems fair.” I did indeed seriously contemplate stopping after four rounds and told myself that if my time was over 18 minutes I could do so. My time after the fourth round was 17:37. Damn!

My total time was 22:16. I came very close to besting Griff’s time. Given that I ran 600m 1000m more than he did, I’m calling it a win.

As I was leaving, Troie (shirtless still, of course) was talking about Saturday’s Fight Gone Bad. (I’m leaning toward not participating, as I’ll likely be coaching at 9 and 11 – and I’m still fighting an infection.)

Troie: Kristen says hello.
Me: I know. I was there when she said so.
Troie: Ha. You know, I’m really starting to rub off on her.
Me: I rubbed off on her just last night.

Poor Troie! (Kristen, you know it’s all in good fun.)

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