(One finger in particular.)

I didn’t blog yesterday, which obviously means it was a rest day. It was kind of a rest day. Here’s what transpired.

I coached the 6:15 session. I will admit to being quite anxious, as the regulars have seen me struggle with all lifts; thus, I was concerned with my perceived credibility. I also strongly believe that you teach best what you know.

I began the session with mobility, focusing on the shoulders and using the lacrosse ball. I saw many painful faces. Next was a 400m run followed by split jerk progressions. The skill was split jerk, and folks were to complete 1-1-1-1-1. I carefully observed form. The most common mistakes were not landing with feet spread far enough apart, not getting under the bar quickly enough, and not squatting deeply enough. Nonetheless, I saw some impressive lifts, and a visitor (from Hawaii) even got a PR! I will give myself some credit, in that she failed her first attempt and I encouraged her to try again. I reminded her of proper form, and her lift was solid. Okay, she gets most of the credit.

The met-con was rough to watch, coach, and (later) do.

Push press (115/75)
Ring dips
Shuttle runs between rounds of 150/100/50m total 

Uhm, that’s all upper body. I encouraged folks as much as I could (and one person too much), and it was challenging for everyone, even people who don’t typically struggle. I made sure to remind people to sprint during shuttle runs, to get full range of motion during ring dips and pushups, and to not hyperextend for push press. Many people had to scale during the WOD, including using bands or boxes for ring dips, doing pushups on knees, and dropping weight for push presses.

Griff, if you read this, I apologize for being such a bitch during your last round of ring dips. I know and you know that full range of motion is more important speed. I was delighted to run with you during last shuttle run. Would you have preferred that I didn’t? I need to know!

I attended the 7:15 session, led by Doug, although I didn’t complete split jerk. The met-con killed me. That’s 2 in a row.

As there were many in attendance, I started with rings dips, then did push presses, pushups, and shuttle runs. I completed first round of ring dips unbroken. I then completed 8 push presses lifting 115 lbs. On the 8th lift, however, I knew it was unlikely that I would be able to complete the remaining push presses lifting 115 lb, so I dropped 10 of each end and lifted 95 for the remaining reps. Even that was a struggle, and the most I was able to complete unbroken was a measly 4.

I knew I was in trouble when I couldn’t complete 21 pushups unbroken, having to break rounds into reps as many as 10 and as few as 3.

The shuttle runs were a welcome break. It was funny, however, to observe people trying to race me — often at Doug’s enticement. “Catch Paul!” Ha!

The rest of the met-con was a sweating, grueling, sloppy mess. I completed round of 15 rings dips and pushups in reps of between 7 and 1, and push presses in reps of between 3 and 1. For the final round of ring dips, push presses, and pushups, I completed in reps of 2, 2, 2, and 1. I completed the met-con in 12:39 (if I’m recalling correctly).

Later that day, I posted the following on CrossFit Durham’s Facebook page:

Dear Dave, 
I am unable to raise my arms. Fortunately, I am able to raise my fingers. (One finger in particular.) 
Your friend, 

I attended CFD today at 5 pm, and it was led by Dave. Yes, Dave. He led us through a mobility warmup focusing on the shoulders. I can’t imagine why!

Dave posted this video. I think it’s some of the best gay porn I’ve ever seen.

Skill — Dead hang weighted pull-ups
5 sets of 5

I completed 5 reps of 25 lb, using a kettle bell. I then wore my 15 lb weight vest for the remaining rounds, and used plates. I completed 5 reps of 30, but when I attempted 5 reps of 35 I failed last 2 attempts. I lowered the weight to 30, and successfully completed 5 reps. Dave was kind enough to remind me to move my hands closer together when I’m doing a chin-up or mixed grip pull-up. For one brief, shining moment, he was my favorite coach. I finished doing 5 reps of 32.5 lb.

7 rounds of 7 reps of the following:
24″ box jumps
Air squats

Dead hang pull-ups

More pull-ups? Really, Dave? Box jumps are getting easier and easier — and faster and faster. I substituted jumping air squats for air squats. Why? Because I’m a glutton for punishment. I completed all box jumps and jumping air squats unbroken, as well as the first 3 rounds of dead hang pull-ups. For the remaining rounds of pull-ups, I completed in as many as 5 and as few as 1 (particularly last round) reps. My time was 8:38.

I almost immediately ran to Fullsteam Brewery to join the Bull City Running group for their weekly run. I ran the first 1.5 mi sprinting from one telephone pole to the next and then running from the second telephone pole to the next. Lather, rinse, repeat. Fartlek? Yes. I then ran the remaining 2.5 mi with Stephen. I also saw Karen, Jim, Doug, and birthday boy Heiko! A fun, full day. I think I’ll rest tomorrow. I mean it. Seriously.


One thought on “(One finger in particular.)

  1. Tuesday’s workout crushed me. My shoulders were still whimpering as I headed to the gym this morning (Thurs). There was no way on Earth I was working out Wednesday, so I tip my hat to you, sir.

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