Focus on strength…

We just worked out!

30-minute AMRAP of the following:
5 push-press (65% bw, 95 lb)
3 dead-hang, chest to bar pull-ups

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m adding specific strength WODs to my solo training. My goals were to complete 30 rounds, do push-press and CTB pull-ups unbroken (A goal), pp and pu unbroken for first 25, 20, and 15 minutes (B, C, and D goals). I’m happy to report that I did all rounds unbroken, but sadly missed my goal rounds by 1, i.e., I completed 29 rounds.

I did not treat this at all like a metcon, although it certainly felt like a metcon by the 20-minute mark. I leisurely walked from the platform to the pull-up bar, I jumped to the pull-up bar and hanged momentarily, making sure that I didn’t kip. For push-press, I made sure to tighten my abs and ass, to take my “head through the window”, and to lock elbows at top of press. For CTB pull-ups I ensured that my arms were fully extended at bottom and that my chest touched the bar at the top of each and every pull-up.

I was certain that I’d have to break up reps by the 20-minute mark at the least, and was quite pleased that I made it all 30 minutes without breaking. Uhm, I thinking I’m getting stronger. Yes, Jed, I hear you loudly and clearly: you think it’d be even better if I did strength WODs of shorter duration and heavier weight. Yes, Jed, I’m concerned with getting heavy.

I then coached the 10 and 11am sessions. I had created an awesome playlist–but left my iPhone at home! Egad.

Warmup consisted of pass throughs and then lunging pass throughs. This was followed by tabata held squat and then tabata held plank with rotating hands. Today’s skills was “Going Vertical” that consisted of yet another tabata, this time holding vertical for 20 second intervals with 10-second rest. I was pleased that most chose to do so on the rings, with others doing handstand holds against the barbell rack or wall.

Dave had originally scheduled wall balls and bear crawls, and that’s what I documented on the whiteboard. Bea arrived early for 1-on-1 coaching and informed me that website listed burpees and not wall balls. What to do, what to do… Why not alternate rounds?

Partner 20-minute AMRAP of the following:
20-yard bear crawl
10 wall ball (20 or 12 lb, 10 or 8 ft target)

As I didn’t want anyone to possibly hurt themselves crawling by equipment, I had folks crawl from racks to far end of gym. (Sorry, Dave!) There was plenty of room for both wall balls and burpees, too, so this worked out well.

This WOD looked tough, and most folks were really struggling by the last 5 or even 10 minutes.

We finished the day with a 2-minute held squat and then hamstring and calf stretches.

Okay, since it’s my blog, I get to vent. I’m all for people doing their own thing, particularly the barbell club. I do get upset, however, when other-than-posted WODs interfere with the scheduled sessions. Many thanks to those of you who were respectful of others (you in particular, Cliff, and my apologies for having you move twice), and a pox on those of you who felt inconvenienced. Scheduled WODs should always take precedence. I always make sure to ask permission of the coach if I’m doing anything other than what is scheduled or I complete my workout outside and out of the way.

One thought on “Focus on strength…

  1. agreed on the last paragraph. i am usually one of those people (doing my own thing) these days, but i do always try to make sure i’m not taking up rack space if the class needs it. let’s all just be respectful! also, let’s get some more lifting platforms and more room ASAP…

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