There were 5 endurance athletes in attendance today, including Young Nick, Nick, McKell, Kristen, and Jess. First up was mobility using lacrosse ball on the feet. Ah, that felt painfully good. We next ran a “Native American” run for about 1200m. Today’s WOD was benchmark “Death by 10m”. I began by asking all athletes how many rounds they planned on completing, and all completed at least 1 more than their goal! I let them rest for a short time, and it was another 800m “Native American” run, only this time the goal was to drop as many people as possible. Young Nick and I raced to the finish.

As I mistakenly did the partner WOD yesterday (albeit solo), I created my own metcon.

AMRAP in 20-minutes
3 handstand pushups
7, 24″ box jumps
21 double unders

Why HSPUs, box jumps (yet again) and double unders (yet again)? I need to improve HSPUs, increase speed with box jumps, and continue to do unbroken dus. I knew HSPUs were going to be a challenge, so I set my goals: a minimum of 10 rounds, box jumps unbroken with pause at top and not bottom of jump, and unbroken double unders.

I used the rack to perform HSPUs, and did 3 unbroken for only the first 2 rounds. It was then 1 to 2 at a time. I did, however, make sure my head touched the ground. My biggest challenge was slipping, as I was dripping sweat all over the place. Box jumps are coming along nicely. I focused on increasing speed each round, and I did ensure that I fully extended hips at top of the box. (I could hear Renee’s voice reminding me to do so.) My first round of dus were a mess, as I hadn’t warmed up. I did complete most of the remaining rounds unbroken, with the exception of the last round. I wanted to make sure I was able to complete within the allotted time, and ended up missing 2 or 3. I was nonetheless able to finish the last round with 2 seconds to spare.

Total rounds = exactly 12

Dave was kind enough to allow me to play my own tunes, and midway through the metcon I turned up the volume. It was so loud, in fact, that Amy didn’t hear me singing to her! Sad, but true.

There were only 8 in attendance at Community WOD, including Jeff and the always lovely and delightful Gwen. As most were fit, I was able to teach folks proper form for dead-lifts. The WOD was a 15-minute (yes, 15 minutes!) AMRAP of 10 dead-lifts (not very heavy), 10 pushups, and 100m run.

2 thoughts on “Irene

  1. That’s a full day! Question regarding the box jumps. In addition to reading it here, I’ve heard you coach other athletes to pause at the top of a box jump and not the bottom. What’s the strategy/logic/advantage behind that? I’ve tried to apply it and I can feel that that’s different, but I don’t understand why it’s different or better technique. Just curious. Thanks.

    1. Paul, in a word, gravity! It’s much more difficult to jump to the top of the box from standing still than it is to jump down from the box, touch the ground ever so lightly, and jump back up. There’s probably some more physics involved, but I was a lowly Communication Studies major so I can’t explain. I’ll demonstrate when next we see each other at CFD.

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