Vince and Shankar

Yes, today (like yesterday) was to have been a rest day. Two colleagues, Vince and Shankar, wanted to attend their first ever CF session, and Dave was kind enough to allow them to do so.

The three of us arrived early, as I wanted Vince and Shankar to see what the metcon was going to involve. It also gave me an opportunity to quickly teach Vince and Shankar proper form for squats, box jumps, and pull-ups (including how to use bands for assistance with pull-ups).

Dave then led the 6pm session, first leading us through a squat warmup completing air squats and then front squat using only the bar. This was a great way to loosen and warm-up the quads.

I hadn’t planned on doing front squats, as I thought Vince and Shankar would need more guidance then they did. As they both wanted to complete front squats, we shared a platform and did just that.

Front Squats

I didn’t record, so I’m going by memory. I lifted 135, 155, 175, and 185, a new 2RM PR.  Yeah!

I also hadn’t planned on doing the metcon. Oh, well, when in Rome.

Complete the following as fast as possible:
CTB pull-ups
24″ box jumps

I had a difficult time completing pull-ups, as I had to use the center bars and thus had to attempt avoid many dangling limbs. In addition, I stood on a small box so that I didn’t have to jump so high to reach the bar. This threw off my rhythm, however, in that I use the initial jump to start my kip and was thus unable to do so.

I really, really need to work on increasing speed of box jump. In all honesty, I really didn’t care how quickly I completed them tonight, and didn’t have much of a competitive spirit. I completed the metcon in 5:44, a relatively slow time.

Most importantly, I had much fun, and Vince and Shankar did a great job! Welcome to CrossFit, gentlemen.

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