It’ll make a man out of you.

Brief blog today, as (unlike yesterday) there weren’t any milestones, roadblocks, or meltdowns. Today was to have been a rest day. I was wide awake at 4, so I thought why the hell not. I also knew that today’s WOD wasn’t going to be overly challenging.

While driving down Geer Street toward CFD I saw what I thought was a raccoon or opossum on the side of the road, its beady little red eyes staring me down, perhaps contemplating running in front of my car. It was merely Jack, attempting to mark 25, 50, and 75 meters on the sidewalk.

Jack led today’s session and the focus, at least for 3 of us, was on ring pushups. Jack first led us through another awesome warmup. (As an aside, the reason I like Jack’s warmups are because they are always varied.) We completed 5 rounds of 3 man-makers and 3 pull-ups. No, wait; it was 5 rounds of 5 man-makers and 5 pull-ups. No, wait; it was 3 rounds of 5 man-makers and 5 pull-ups.

Me: I feel like a man.
Jack: (Holding up his arms and flexing his biceps.) So, you feel more like a man?
Me: No, I feel like I’d like a man right about now.

Skill—Ring Pushups
5 sets of maximum reps

I positioned a 20” box body length away from rings and began. Sayeth Jack, “I bet you can get 50 reps this first round!” Ha! I doubt I could get 50 unbroken pushups, although I haven’t tried in quite some time. I completed 27 with wrists and rings turned in. I rested a minute or 2 and completed 26 with wrists and rings turned out.

Me: Jack, I notice that some people do as many pushups as they can as fast as they can, while I try to keep the same tempo from start to finish. What’s the best strategy?
Jack: It depends. I have a tendency to do as many as I can as quickly as I can, but when I’m done, I’m done. I don’t have any left.
Me: I might slow down near the end of the round, but I tend to go slow and steady.

For the third round, I did do as many as I could as fast as I could, and I did not at all like this strategy. I completed 21 reps with wrists and rings once again turned out.

Me: I went out hard and fast, and exploded.
Jack: So, going out slow and finishing fast works best for you.
Me: That’s what the ladies say… when I’m doing their hair.

What transpired next was a lengthy conversation regarding “comic relief”, including one individual sharing his/her dislike of said comic relief. I am the color orange: you either love me or you hate me. I’m fine either way.

I completed 21 reps with wrists and rings turned out for the fourth round, and a mere 17 with wrists and rings turned in for last round. Grand total = 112

(Audrey, make sure you keep your chest up when squatting. I’m not going to tell you again. I mean it!)

Metabolic Conditioning
15 hang power cleans (135/95)
100m shuttle
12 hang power cleans
75m shuttle
9 hang power cleans
50m shuttle
6 hang power cleans
25m shuttle

I warmed up hang power clean with 45 lb bar and then placed 2, 25 lb plates on the bar, i.e., 95 lb.

Me: Jack, how heavy should I go? Do you want hang power cleans to be done unbroken, or should I feel the need to put down the bar?
Jack: Unbroken.
Me: Okay, then I’ll lift 95 lb, the women’s prescribed weight.
Jack: Put some more weight on the bar.
Me: How much? Twenty pounds? Ten pounds?
Jack: Ten.

I thought for sure he was going to say 20, and had already grabbed 2, 10 lb plates. I was very, very relieved when he said 10. Thanks, Jack!

Hang power cleans continue to be a challenge, as I still have a tendency to arch too much, i.e., hyperextend, my back. I did complete round of 15 unbroken, and was the third person, after Brandon and Griff, to begin shuttle run. I ran up 100m, and while running back and preparing to turn around for 75 I noticed that Brandon and Griff headed back into CFD. I yelled to Jack, “Aren’t we supposed to do 75 next?” Jack said, “Yes!” That’s what I did, running 75, 50, and 25m up and back. As I entered CFD I said to Jack, “Remind me to keep my abs tight so that I don’t hyperextend.” Jack observed form, and reminded me to dip a little bit under the bar while bringing the bar straight up, and to have faster elbows. This advice helped considerably. I almost completed 12 reps unbroken, but failed on very last rep. I paused briefly, picked up the bar, completed the twelfth rep, and ran 75, 50, and 25m up and back. I completed remaining rounds of 9 and 6 unbroken, and ran the requisite distances. I finished in a time of 7:24.

Closing Thoughts

  1. I probably should have gone at least 10 pounds heavier on the hang power cleans, as lifting a heavier weight leaves me little option other than to have to drop beneath the bar.
  2. I should wear a weight vest for most if not all metcons that involve running. Running felt far too easy.
  3. I need to continue to focus on, above all else, proper form when lifting.
  4. I’m not sure if I like Max’s beard.



One thought on “It’ll make a man out of you.

  1. Thank you for the reminder about keeping my chest up. It’s been awhile since I’ve squatted. I love Max’s beard, but I also love him without it. 😉

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